Travellers must visit Istanbul to see many historical places like mosques, churches , castles, fountains etc.

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One of the important place to visit in Istanbul is explained below just in  few words.

Here is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul … This is considered one of the most important works in the world of architecture, the huge dome of the admiration and many buildings inspired the Hagia Sophia. What happened?  When the museum established, what has survived over the years?

A visitor to Istanbul wants to see Hagia Sophia first. Hagia Sophia, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul and one of the most important works of the history of world architecture, is a work of full imperial architecture with the characteristic of being a symbol of pleasure and showing. It is evident from the splendor of the work that a concern, such as the absence of a spouse and the like, was conducted at the time of its construction. Although it was a Byzantine work by Emperor Justinian I and was a typical example of Roman architectural tradition, it was not possible to overcome the effects of the Hagia Sophia before 1000 years.


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The building that astonished everyone with its glory at the time it was built gave birth to the belief that it could only occur with the support of the divine powers, thus becoming a symbol of the Middle Ages mysticism. Although the original name was Hagia Sofia, it was wrongly known as Saint Sofia, not as a saint named Sofia, but as Ayia Sofia because it was dedicated to the  Holy Wisdom Sofia (Sofia), the second element of the Christian trilogy. In the first period, the Great Church mes (Megale Ekklesia) by the Byzantine people began to be called the Hagia Sophia in 1453 after the Turks conquered Istanbul.

Emperor Justinian I (527 – 565) considered building a magnificent place of worship, and for this, the two architects named Isidoros and Antemios are engaged by him.

Hagia Sophia has been destroyed many times throughout its history, the biggest damage is IV. Saw during the Crusade. In 1204, the knights captured the city and plundered Hagia Sophia’s many valuable goods which were sacred to Christianity. The city was only recovered in 1261 from the invasion of the Crusaders.


When Istanbul was conquered on May 29, 1453, as soon as Fatih Sultan Mehmet entered the city, he first went to Hagia Sophia and ordered the building to be turned into a mosque and repaired.

During the Ottoman period, Hagia Sophia continued to exist as a mosque and attracted special attention from all sultans. In time, the structure of the Ottoman Empire, which is equipped with works bearing traces of its own culture, has been a masterpiece that has the effect of both religions and cultures until today. The tombs in Hagia Sophia are the most beautiful examples of the classical Ottoman tomb tradition with its interiors, tiles and architecture.

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Hagia Sophia, which opened its doors to its guests in 1935, is open to visitors every day except Monday, between 09.00 – 17.00.

In the Hagia Sophia Museum, children up to the age of 7 are not paid visitors.

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If you are ready to breathe the mystical atmosphere of Hagia Sophia and get lost as a real explorer, not like a tourist “Explore the Hagia Sophia at night . Every corner of the story and the secrets of the night you will feel that the temple is talking to you.

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