Yes, you heard it right.

We all know Medium is a centralized Social Media Blogging platform that even though it salutes users to post about CryptoCurrencies, it doesn’t have any built-in mechanism to directly and straightforwardly reward them for that. It rewards you in an indirect way by enhancing your marketing and exposure, but still, in the BlockChain era this is not sufficient anymore.

Since we, the users, are the ones who create all the value on the Social Media platforms by creating the Content — we demand to be rewarded in a hefty manner for our priceless contribution.

Well, when this kind of situation occurs — CryptoEmail comes to the rescue to alleviate your disappointment.

CryptoEmail is a new revolutionary marketing-oriented CryptoCurrency project which has the power to reward you with cMail ERC-20 tokens for doing simple Medium tasks that otherwise you would have done without getting paid. It’s time to monetize the time you dedicate by being on the Social Medias, you deserve that!

They aren’t even yet in the Airdrop or PreSale stage, but they already have built a lot of digital properties ( ) and provided to the community a live product and a very useful tool to just take action and acquire some Tokens for free before the next bull run appear on the scene.

Again, go here and you will see these Medium tasks among many others if you navigate more.

This project is in talks daily with a myriad of other companies and partnerships are happening as we speak, that’s why would be indicated to check back for updates as new tasks are made available pretty frequently.

The simplicity, yet the very high efficiency of CryptoEmail, should provide a pretty pleasant experience.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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  1. Nicholas

    This idea not bad at all!
    I dont use the medium, i dont like it (except, if i read an interest teaser somewhere with a medium link), but i know, that is a huge plaform with so much users.
    Good to see, the cryptoverse granted the “sideway” to get paid for work, even if the platform doesnt want it 😀

      1. Nicholas

        Lol, no 😀 I never watch youtube videos about crypto, there is to much fud&fomo, i study the official sources 😉 Cryptoverse is crypto-era, the historical time of “right now”, what we call present 🙂

    1. Cornel Post author

      Really? I didn’t hear about the story with Cryptoverse.
      So, he demanded from Medium to pay its writers a part of the revenue? That’s amazing and hilarious in the same time. 🙂