The First Hardware Cold Wallet for EOS

Nebula Wallet is the first hardware cold wallet backing EOS, CYB and BTS simultaneously, using the same signature algorithm and JSON transaction pattern as BTS. It is compressed and encoded into a binary stream through the LEB128 compression algorithm. The Nebula hardware wallet performs ECDSA signature algorithm with secp256k1 curve on the binary stream, while analyzing key data structure (receiver, amount, commission, etc.) and displaying it on hardware screens for users to confirm. Compared with traditional software signature method, Nebula dramatically increases the security, and ensures that private keys are completely generated by True Random Number Generator of the hardware and are permanently unreadable.

Compared with other BTC/ETH hardware wallets in the market, EOS hardware wallet prevents replay attack by validating the timestamp in transaction patterns, while BTC by UTXO and ETH the nonce. Moreover, transactions happening on EOS are rather big in data volume, which will translate into a problem in embedded devices like hardware wallet, for the length of signature accounts hugely for hardware storage capacity. While Nebula Wallet, taking advantages of the feature of Hash Function, optimizes the system by separating then inserting Hashes. Whereas in the world of BTC, this method is not applicable due to ScriptSig and the situation that flexible data structure is put in the input data (instead of output data).

Find out more on the EOS-CYBEX website here:

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  1. cryptowolfe

    Mr. Tom… I am extremely grateful for this information. I have been waiting for EOS-NY and Greymass (Block Producers on EOS mainnet) to figure out the Ledger Nano S programming… I am happy to have stumbled across this article… two thumbs up sir… (and this website is also a welcome change – seems like the participants are reserved and tasteful…kudos)