Yay! The weekend is here again, and we are all excited, I am excited and so should you. This is a great personal time to reflect, relax and repair. Reflect on how the previous week unfolded, the different activities that you were engaged in, and their outcomes, your roles in those activities. Also, reflect on your overall performance, in key and sensitive areas of your endeavour. When it comes to the relaxing part of the weekend, this is the time you can actually get to wake up a little later than you would during the week. You can afford to turn off your alarm and catch up a few extra hours of sleep. Get well rested a little, as you continue to get ready for a new week.

And lastly, your repair: this is the part where you get to mentally fix yourself up in anticipation of the new week, you get your emotions together, and think of ways to tackle and address the different projects you have to work on in the coming week. Here, you put yourself in a little getting ready to die mode where you predict the future and create a strategy on how to tackle the new challenges that lie ahead.

In this post today, we will look at some exciting things you could do over the weekend that can help you drive these three items, reflect, relax and repair.

Clean and fix your Surroundings

Doing chores around the house is believed to positively impact the mind as first off, it is a great way to do some stretching and moving around while lifting heavy things. It has a great way of impacting our intellect as it improves one’s cognitive ability to solve everyday common problems. No knowledge gained is useless or wasted, you can get valuable insight by fixing one thing or the other, insights you can apply to solve a more complex problem if you fully understand the nitty-gritty of the previous problem you solved.

Sometimes you can dedicate this tasks to a maid or kid or anyone else, that is great, especially if you have a lot on your hands to do, however, it is advisable to find time to engage in some form of domestic chores, it benefits are invaluable. By merely cleaning the house, it can bring about the lose calories of fat by just mopping the living.

Also, there is the added value of the work as well, you have a properly cleaned house by the time you are done with your domestic task, and you will also have a delicious meal awaiting you and family when you are done preparing dinner or breakfast for the whole bunch.

Greet time to catch up

We are social animals for a reason, and one of those reasons is because of our sense of community, a recent psychological experiment shows that lonely people than to die faster than people that have family and friend all around time. Thank God weekends are for weddings, it is a great way to socialise, catch up with old friends, meet new people and led a life worth living. Meeting new people can be fun, and can be quite frustrating you, due to their character and predisposition, but all in all, you must meet some annoying people, who might just have the money you are looking for to invest in that amazing product you have.

This is also a great time to spend quality time with your spouse, your kids and your parents. Basically, this is the time you get to be human, in today’s world that rewards business. We have the responsibility to be less busy to the people are being busy to support. Family is everything


A new week awaits, get ready for work, look sharp on the first day of the week, and you will want to resume with a bang! And carry the success to the other days of the week


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