This article was written by Loris Metzinger

Helios Protocol — A case for daily use

Fiat currency has been around for centuries and has crept into every area of our lives. We use it to buy groceries, pay the rent, and save a little every month in our bank account. Every aspect of our life is controlled by fiat money and without it, we would be doomed. However, this does not have to be our reality forever. Cryptocurrencies have been rapidly flooding into our society, gaining more and more exposure in the mainstream news and media. We have seen the price of Bitcoin reach 20k and we have also seen many altcoins disappear. It is a new space for many of us but the technology behind some of these currencies is intricate and promising. I found myself yearning for a cryptocurrency adopted world just last week as I was trying to make a purchase at the pharmacy.

The Problem

My wife was one week post-partum and needed some medication from the pharmacy. Naturally, being the loving husband that I am, I went down to the local Walgreens just before they closed at 9 p.m. to pick up her prescription. When I pulled out my wallet and looked down, my bank card was missing, my wife had used it earlier in the day. The total for her medication came out to a whopping sum of $1.82. I put my head down in defeat as I had no other form of payment on my person; I’m trying to cut out all credit cards and I rarely carry fiat. I left the pharmacy and told my wife that she would have to wait until the next day to receive her pain relief medication, I felt horrible.

The Solution

On my way back home, I got to thinking about cryptocurrency and how this situation could have been avoided if crypto was already mainstream. I found myself wishing that cryptocurrencies were accepted at all major stores and restaurants; this would have eliminated my frustration of not having my debit card in my wallet. Think about this for a moment. Every one of us has a cell phone today, the majority of those are smart phones. We carry these smart phone EVERYWHERE and usually have them in our hands or our pockets. Had I been able to pay with crypto, I could’ve pulled out my phone, scanned a barcode, and completed the transaction using cryptocurrency.

Enter Helios

The technology behind Helios Protocol enables a high traffic of transactions for very minimal fees. The combination of DAG + parallel blockchains allows for an incredible amount of transactions to take place concurrently without bogging down the system and without having to pay for ever-increasing gas costs. Helios is working harder than ever to improve the cryptocurrency experience, to bring it mainstream, and to enable everyone to use it in their daily lives, regardless of the application. So next time you find yourself at the checkout counter, think about how cryptocurrency and the Helios Protocol platform could enhance your experience in something you do every day.

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