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As we all know, this years Market has been a real BEAR! Whether or not its manipulation or a natural correction, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is. This has been one wild year and a wilder past couple of months. If one were to look at the TA (Technical Analysis) of BTC past, it can be translated as a possible long term trend reversal. We could be in this crypto winter for another few months upwards to a year. At current prices, we are down about 82% from the Market cap’s all time high. With the amount of uncertainty in the market, there is a good chance we can go even lower.

“But What Does it All Mean Basil?”


There were a record amount of ICO’s in 2018. Initial Coin Offering’s were the new trend in crypto, and most of these ICO’s were done in the first half of the year. I don’t believe many people saw this bubble bursting as bad as it did. With the burst, it has left a good number of these very promising projects seriously under budget. Therefore, they may not be able to show us what they are fully capable of. Most have extended the designated time of their road maps to buy them some time. Will it be enough, you think? There is a good chance within the next year some of these projects in the cryptosphere will either partner up with stronger, more established projects or sell their tech to contribute to another. Hopefully, only a few of these promising projects will have to close their doors on their investors.

At this point, the overall market has dropped from approx. $890 Billion to $120 Billion. Projects that kept their ICO funds in ETH and BTC could currently have their budget slashed by at least 50%, if not more. Now, I’m no CEO, but common sense would tell me I’m borderline broke if not broke already. How can I continue developing if i can’t pay my team, continue with expensive marketing, or even keep the lights on? Please understand I am in no way saying this is a fact for all the projects that came out this year, because there are some very savvy folks out there doing their thing. Let’s face it, some of these projects asked for- and received- WAY too much money for what they are developing. These guys may be in the green but, the majority of the projects I’m speaking of


are in jeopardy of having to make some very tough decisions. Whatever the case may be, there is a reckoning! Unfortunately, It’s the Investors that are paying the price.

Funding? Not a problem here at Helios Protocol!

There is one major difference that the Helios protocol brings to the table; a No-ICO approach. Since the Helios Protocol did not have an ICO, and is self-funded (or boot-strapped), the market does not affect the development of the Protocol. Helios is staying true to the meaning of decentralization with a mission to put HLS tokens into as many different hands as possible. This mission will be achieved by providing AD’s for active community members, having contests, by answering trivia questions, and with treasure hunts that will keep it fun and challenging (think Ready Player one). Money has already been allocated towards the establishment of the project. The fact that Helios did not ask for any funds via an ICO proves the drive of the team, and passion to bring this project to fruition.

Loud And Proud!

Having chosen this path, the community doesn’t have to worry about the market slowing down or killing the project. Helios aims to change the world by providing a next gen, future proof open sourced protocol upon which one can build dApps that can solve real world problems. Helios is also dedicated to bringing greater freedom to the individual that desires to not be tracked and corralled toward anything with ulterior motives, such as stealing of personal data, limiting sharing necessary information, and being force fed specific agenda beliefs on social media platforms and news sites.

No more locked minds

We encourage everyone to take a look at this truly unique infrastructure of our future. I strongly believe that Helios will be the a among infrastructures needed to disrupt the blockchain woes and help usher in the mass adoption. Let’s grow this much needed decentralization revolution together!







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