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A short reminder what is Helios Protocol for those who didn’t hear yet:

an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. If to say shortly – it’s a new cryptocurrency, or let’s say a new generation of cryptocurrency. The mainnet launch is planned in Feb 2019.

More details you can find on the official site:

Also Helios Protocol is planning to initiate a DApp incubator program very soon, in Nov 2018. So i would like to share an idea of DApp (Decentralized Application) based on Helios.

It happened that i participated in a bounty program of one recently launched game (financial strategy) based on ETH blockchain. As result i got some game’s tokens, heroes, etc. So i got a chance to try playing for a free. Or, let’s say i got a possibility to look inside how does it work.

Theoretically this game supposes a profit: you do certain actions using heroes that brings gems, tokens and other things. All of this could be exchanged to ETH and withdraw. But what is in practice? You have to pay gas price(ETH) for every move of your hero, let’s say for every his breath! Perhaps it isn’t so big money when gas price is about 1-2 gwei. But everybody knows that the gas price in ethereum network is far from stability, 1-2 gwei could be considered as lucky chance, not as a normal. When the gas price is higher than 3-4 gwei you may forget about profit at all. It will be eaten by gas! Also a long time of transactions confirmation in ETH network takes place whery often and nobody wants to wait some hours for a single move of a hero. All of this reduce an interest to such games.

Helios Protocol can eliminate these problems because of it’s parallel blockchains infrastructure, that gives as result a very high transaction speed (225 million tx/sec) and a very low cost of transactions in comparison with ETH, BTC, etc. A game’s DApp will be available for a much wider audience because of the low tx fee, even schoolboys could play using parents pocket money.

A few words about the quality of existing DApps of games: do you remember games of beginning 90.. years last century? Those were running on computers with 3.5″ diskettes? Nothing to say more.

A conclusion: now it’s just a beginning of an era for blockchain based games. This is one more reason for Helios should enter in game industry as an early bird.

A lot of people around the world are involved in online games. This industry operates with billions of dollars as i know ( please use Google if you need exact numbers, a lot of about it is written already).

And game DApp could be not only or such as a strategy, adventure, etc. For instance, don’t forget about live poker, poker tournaments. It require real time bets, so Helios would have a good advantage vs ETH because of high tx speed and low fee.

These are just ideas at the moment , but i believe that such DApps based on Helios Protocol have a good chance to grab a niche in the game industry.

The best way to learn more about Helios Protocol is to join official Discord community:

Friendly admin&team will answer on all questions you might have.

Also you may follow twitter:

Telegram announcement channel:


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  1. Infosion

    Reading about it the first time here from you this is a potential example of what I expect a lot for the future. I think it doesn’t even matter if Helios is better than EOS – sooner or later there will be something which proves to be better for some special use cases. I assume probably Helios is in some ways, because it’s newer. But the question is – like you hint to – if it’s more used, in this case for gaming. I love to look into that, thanks for bringing this up here!
    However, can you say that in general Helios can be better used for developing gaming DApps in future with your insights and if you compare it to EOS right now? I don’t want to be too hard at EOS. Think it`s great in its ways, but also has it disadvantages which tehoretically must be avoided to generate a really perfect user experience. I mean for example not having people to stake lots of coins to do “something”. This creates room for something like Helios right now I guess. But I better look into this before speculating too much about it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, very interesting!