Well I have been a member of Trybe for close to 2 months now and have only made one post. I will talk a little about myself today. I am 57 years old I live in Honduras and have been an internet enthusiast for a long time. As for crypto I heard about it around 2012 Bitcoin of course but I did not get interested in it. Eventually I started seeing things like wallets, faucets, Reddit and other crypto related stuff and got interested a little in it but as something like a fad.

Well one day I saw an ad for an e book that was about a platform where you could make money by posting articles and get paid via a crypto currency, I bought the book because I had some money in Pay Pal and as in my country I can’t cash that money I thought I might as well use it buying stuff. Well the book was interesting but I took it as another hyped up gimmick of which the internet is full. Of course I am talking about Steemit, eventually and after reading some more I gave it a shot, and the results were disappointing I made about 12 cents on my first post so I figured it was as I had thought another useless ploy.

But after some time I decided to give it another try and this time I got a big upvote and my post made a few dollars and I was hooked. I do cash out most of what I make and after two years I had cashed about over one thousand dollars, which is not much but in Honduras it really isn’t something to be scoffed at, you won’t live on that for more than a couple of months, still the money comes in handy.

And now we have several platforms that are following the same idea Steemit had, of course each platform with its own peculiarities. I am trying several of these and Trybe is one of them, I find Trybe to be much different and am still trying to get acquainted with it. I hope I will be able to get traction here and become a permanent contributor to the platform.


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