Music and Lyrics by AD Ryan

This is a song I wrote for my mom, a few years ago.  A painful divorce had left her sad and empty. As you can see, blockchain is not my only passion. I started writing songs when I was 14, and this is one of my favorite ones because it was written for the person who gave me life.  Music is universal, so I hope everyone enjoys this song.

Here are the lyrics:

Locked in this cage they call it heart / My feelings struggle to get out

I tried to keep them inside but / I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough

Can anybody feel my pain / This thing is driving me insane

I need someone, I need a friend / To help me out, will you help me out

Hello hello, is anybody there / Hello hello, you hear me talk to you

Hello hello does anybody care / Hello hello, just tell me if you do

Locked in this room, I’m all alone, / Me and these four walls made of stone

I’m tryin` to get out but I can’t / I’m stuck inside, I’m stuck inside

Can anybody hear me scream / This is my life, its not a  dream

Can anybody hear me cry /Please talk to me, will you  talk to me? 


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    1. AD Post author

      With this comparison I can tell that you 100% listened to it. On Youtube, my voice in this song was compared to Smashing Pumpkins many times. I just make music for fun, I’m no Smashing Pumpkins, but thank you for stopping by and listening!