Hey guys, I’ve not written anything worth the attention for a few days now, which is fine, considering I’ve got my hands full with a couple of things both online and offline. Yup, amongst the list of things, I have been working on improving my skills set, and I have taken the first step toward becoming a web developer by learning a few programming languages.

You see, I’ve always found coding and programming to be really cool. The allure that a complex bunch of weird-looking, coloured code-jargons brings. Apart from the fact that it’s fast becoming one of my favourite past-time for the last 2 weeks, the ability to design something functional using some blocks of codes is appealing and just seem like one of the best ways I could get creative.

You should be happy for me though. In a few months, I might be able to contribute a bit more of my skills and time to the blockchain. I plan to become a contributor to open-source projects that I fancy. Also, I get to be one of the coolest guys in the block. I mean, c’mon, just about everyone knows how abstract and cool and smart a true dev sounds when they’re talking codes!

So, I’m starting out with a few codes, and then I’ll diversify to other programs that are suitable for blockchain development. Here are the first picks:

– Python. — A general programming language with a high level of abstraction means it’s relatively easier to learn and build with.
– HTML. — Not a programming language, but it’s pretty important. They say every coder should know a thing or two about HTML. So…
– Javascript. — because, interactive web applications and interfaces. However, this one is on hold for now because it seems I need to know a bit more of HTML to be able to handle this guy.

Once I am done covering the above programs, I’ll progress to learn C or C++, which, according to @bobinson on Steemit, are among the languages Steem and some blockchains are built on.

How am I learning?

While getting a teacher might help speed things up, It really does cost a lot of money to pay a personal tutor. Hence, I have decided to learn how to code on my own. I found a great website with some awesome lessons that explain things in pretty simple terms called W3Schools at https://www.w3schools.com/. There are also some great video tutorials on Youtube. Also, I joined a Python Discord server from Reddit and the community has a lot of experienced developers that seem to be really active and supportive. Feel free to join in as well with the link.

I hope to stick with this for the long term and i hope to get it right at once. I’d really appreciate any support/advise or links to some materials that could be helpful to me.

Thank you for reading, Pan.

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  1. Steve

    If you’re interested in JavaScript, avoid C and C++ – you can still manipulate the blockchain with JavaScript. Steemit has a whole JavaScript API which will allow you to code different apps and so on. Plus, it’s much easier to learn/use than C and C++.

    Good luck with your learning. Feel free to ask, if you need any help.

  2. James Diegel

    Wow, nice one Pan… always something I’ve been interested in but as of yet have had little time other than the basics… hopefully someday… in the mean time keep us updated and let us know of any beginner tips for those just starting out 🙂