Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen!

I saw Martin pop up in a Discord group & music community I’m part of called “Atom Collector Records” and thought I would investigate the potential use of this new platform!

So now that I’m here, I’ll introduce myself!

I’m Nick Harrison but everyone calls me Nicky Havey. It’s a nickname I’ve had since I was a child thanks to my brother and it spread throughout the village. Basically, I couldn’t say my “r” probably when I was a kid, rather I’d say “v”, so instead of saying Harrison, I’d say “Havvyson”, shorten it to “Havvy” (and a re-spell to Havey) and there you have it!

But what do I actually do?

Well, one of the things I mainly do is make music in the form of Drum & Bass, primarily as a hobby and means to escape, which I’ve been doing for 22 years (at time of posting). I aim to inspire people through high energy music, whether that’s inspiring them to push themselves to the next challenge or just tap their feet to the rhythm.

I also have a radio show once every two months that I co-run with another cheeky chappy called DJ Pi, where we do our best to showcase up and coming Drum & Bass music, interact with our fans and bring as much joy as we can for the hour.

Not only do I make music but I also love writing (if you can’t tell already) and helping people through sharing my own life experiences and teaching people where I can. In fact, all of my songs have a story behind them as I make them to represent a life event.

I also began a blog series called the “Bluffer’s Guide to Cryptocurrency” where I try to dissect the information from a few of the platforms I am on (I’m a musician and want to get my music out and about after all) and present them in an entertaining, light-hearted and as far away from being technical as possible! I’ll be posting them on Trybe as well in time.

Finally, I try to travel as much as I can when time permits. Already planning a grand trip to Australia and New Zealand in April 2019 so saving up for it now! I did a bit of travelling back in 2015 to USA, Canada and Australia but here in the UK, there’s still a lot to see and do!

Well, that’s probably enough from me for now, now it’s your turn.

Who is a traveller here? Any drum & bass fans?

I look forward to interacting with you and meeting like minded people.

Take care for now.


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    1. Nicky Havey Post author

      Reading back on it, I could’ve written it better but glad you got the gist! Yea me too, looks to be more for blogging which is a bit more up our street but look forward to seeing how things progress. I see they are working with Emanate project as well or have I got my wires crossed?