Am happy to be here on Trybe, Nobody told me about Trybe but my love for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in general made me come across Trybe on the Internet.

Like every other person here must have heard of one blockchain or the other, i know this is not our first blockchain. But all in all am happy to be here.


My name is Balqees Oluwafunmilayo Omowunmi, But through out my blockchain journey, people know me as @anikys3reasure. Am a very funny but principled young lady from Nigeria, Western part to be precised, Correct Yoruba babe. Islam is my religion. Am a crypto lover, Am a dream chaser and a goal getter, Am an Entrepreneur and a Business Expert. I help people set up their business and help in the management.

I find so much interest in Reading, Making people laugh, Singing because i have a sweet voice, Playing Football but for fun , i watch football, I speak English, Yoruba and little of Arabic. I think that’s enough to be, a little about me.


My blockchain journey started on the Steemit Blockchain, i will forever appreciate @zoneboy.  Always grateful to God through him. I am a member of so many community on Steemit such as Euronation, Steemgigs, Ulogs, Naijapidgin, Air-clinic, Steemhunt, Fundition, Dynamicsteemians and many more.

I have a weekly show on Steemit, A show that promotes Culture. Culture Promotion With Aniky.

Catch me on Steemit –, Whaleshares –, Weku –, Smoke –, The same Username @anikys3reasure. I will be bringing here more of health and science posts because i found being healthy as the most important part of life. and you’d gain a lot from my health and science posts only if you Keep in touch with me. My short quote is “Know Little About Everything” which makes me able to write articles on every little thing i know.

I just hope to enjoy my stay here on Trybe even though i haven’t understand so much about the platform.

Am just Happy To BE HERE. Accept this as an Introductory post.

Kindly Welcome Me. Thanks

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  1. Aighufue Musa Suleiman

    a warm welcome to you but my question is, how do you manage to cope with all this platform simultaneously. its best to focus on one or 2 platforms and become a boss! you don’t have to do everything..jack of all trade is a master of none. just my thought though..salamualikun