I have just registered and this is my first post ever!!

I am excited to be here and just now I realized that “TRYBE” is composed of 2 words:

“TRY” and BE”

As I “try” to “be” a good content creator…

So let me introduce myself a little bit:

I have a bachelor in design and pretty much like my pencil and my paper whenever I feel inspired to sketch something from cartoon to industrial design…

I also recently got involved in crypto currency and am loving it.  I believe in the blockchain technology to be the future, eventually.

I have been in crypto for over an year now as a small investor but have been excited ever since I heard of Bitcoin almost 10 years

I had no idea how to get it and never really thought of how to, I mean, I thought it was another “internet type of token” and never really knew about the technology behind it, I didn’t even know you could buy it or earn it

I believe it was in 2013 that I first heard of the price of Bitcoin on the Max Keiser report, I don’t even remember the price, I was more amazed that a token like that could make it to big news channel like RT.

I really wanted to get in but I had 2 problems:

  1.  I had little to no money at the time
  2. even if I had the money for some bitcoin I still would have no idea how to get it

I thought like Max explained: “…it is a mean of exchange and only the people that believe in it can trade it..”

or something between those lines

Frankly I thought it was a private “thing” between a small group of people but funny enough something was telling me this is going to be massive…

To be really honest I think that had I was in some western country things could have been different for me maybe I would have not gotten some crypto in 2013 but surely enough I would have got some in 2014 or even 2015 but that’s just too bad for me

It’s ok though as I believe now more than ever that no matter when you position yourself in crypto it is always a good time of course if you think in fiat terms then you are doing it wrong and it is always going to be too late for you

Well, that is me in a nut shell

I am hoping that this will be a nice experience for me and for you also so until next time, peace!


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  1. EOSmastering


    Most of us did not understand or read properly about Blockchain technology when we first heard about Bitcoin in 2009 and onwards. But almost no one could anticipate all this stuff happening now, from twitter scams, to bots, to crypto gaming, to memes, shitcoins, decentralized exchanges. It’s a huge live experiment and we are in the right place now. There are so many opportunities, and will be so many opportunities in the years ahead – and especially in EOS IMO.

  2. John

    Welcome, I am new as well. Not sure when I first heard of BTC, but I remember the first time my first attempt to purchase! Coinbase was new (I believe) and BTC was $48ish. I signed wanting to purchase $500, planning to never sell. Coinbase gave me a message that there were currently none available. After attempting for several days with no luck. BTC then shot up about $150 and I gave up thinking the ship had past me by. ‍♂️ Won’t miss the EOS train though (nod to Kent)!