3 recommendations given to novice investors in the world of Krypto money

In the crypto currency world, trusting other people’s advice is also both necessary and risky. While some information does not give any positive results, others can give a very good result. The following four recommendations are considered “worst” recommendations that should be shared with other crypto money enthusiasts.

3 recommendations given to novice investors in the world of Krypto money

3-ignore technical analysis

Technical analysis for crypto currencies is the data that cannot be denied. However, they may not always produce the right results. History repeats itself, especially in the financial world. Krypto currencies are not new to global finance, despite their “new” approaches. Therefore, making the appropriate technical analysis can often give valuable information about how the markets are going to evolve. The results may not always align perfectly, but a fair market momentum can be accurately predicted.

2-stop-loss orders

When dealing with volatile markets such as Krypto currencies and digital assets, any precaution should be taken to minimize losses at any time possible. Especially since subcoins with a smaller market value tend to see a little manipulation these days, it is very important to give stop-loss orders. There is no reason for any trader to take unnecessary risks in this sector, as market momentum can see Short swings in both directions without prior warning.

Although the correct stop-loss orders are almost never triggered for most advanced traders, novice speculators can save this approach from dealing with unnecessary returns. Every trade may not be a success, and preparing for the worst has saved many people for years from major financial losses.

1-Holding is key

In the volatile world of crypto currencies and digital assets, it is often recommended to have a “crypto money bag” when dealing with the first 15 currencies. You don’t have to wait long for every money except the first 15. In addition, complying with this offer can definitely lose money in some cases. Everything depends on what the future brings for this particular crypto money.

Traders also have to bear in mind that some of their money has often lost more value. Therefore, cutting losses and switching to other markets can often make a miserable day a good day without a big loss or profit. Holding is a solid strategy in some cases, but cryptography is not the only way to deal with money and maximize profits or minimize potential losses.

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  1. Cryptoslice

    good advise, im still skeptical about TA, if 90 percent of the huge fund mangers havent beaten index funds which has been proven btw then clearly TA might be a suckers game. it might seem to work in the short term but over the long term you end up getting caught out and loosing.