The new crypto currency exchanges are increasing day by day, but the Coinbase seems to be a bit more advantageous. The daily average volume is not high like Binance, but the stock market is based on the U.S. and this is important. His position in a big economy gives him confidence. Here are the developments in the crypto market, including Coinbase, drawing bull pictures…

Coinbase is different in the crypto market

Recently, the digital crypto platform has said that there is a bridge between Fiat and crypto, and that it is true. Maybe it’s one of the few stock exchanges that took a very methodical and cautious approach before listing assets in the United States. However, 20 million users come up with an increase in demand.

Nevertheless, as one of the pioneers, we can only understand what the future of crypto money, especially Bitcoin, is about the actions of this stock market. After all, investing in an enterprise or developing infrastructure is expensive unless there is any expectation of profit.

Coinbase activities for bull running

Here are the recent events that drew a bull picture of Krypto money and digital asset investments:

June: the company opens new offices across the United States

The company opens new offices in New York and their central neighborhoods. According to Tina Bhatnagar, Coinbase’s vice president of operations, Coinbase has just received 100 employees, but is investigating other U.S. cities that are looking for cities or states that are in the best shape of the company’s operations. The Portland office will address issues related to compliance, IT, finance and customer support.

June: efforts to sell SEC regulated brokers

While waiting for approval from the federal authorities, Coinbase wants to be a broker dealer. The purpose is not to present bonds and similar things, but to export bonds. For regulatory and other compliance reasons, SEC and FINRA oversees these activities.

This is possible because he has licenses to Coinbase Alternative Trading System license (ATS) and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). In addition, the company has acquired Keystone Capital Corp, Digital Wealth LLC and Venovate Marketplace Inc, a subsidiary of Keystone Capital Corp, a securities dealer, to reveal its intentions.

July: Coinbase Custodian Services

Coinbase announced that Coinbase Custody has obtained a license to work independently under the New York State Banking Act. Coinbase Custody (Coinbase C) will operate as a “limited Purpose Trust Company” licensed by The New York Financial Services division (NYDFS).

This independent business will offer investors enterprise-class storage solutions for many popular crypto currencies. This means that the service will offer a high level of security and some compensation for losses. Coinbase explores the possibility of listing more than 40 different digital assets and will support those who meet the digital asset framework.

July and August: Coinbase crypto accelerates massive adoption of currencies

The company’s partnership with London-based WeGift allows ordinary investors to purchase more than 120 different types of gift cards using Krypto. It’s not just a new idea, it’s a simulator of how the crypto currency can be used after it’s mass adoption.

In addition, krypto currency is a positive development for investors because it gives them the flexibility and control of how they spend the krypto currency. At the same time, Coinbase said that they released a WooCommerce plug-in that allowed traders from all over the world to accept their payments in the crypto market.

August: instant transaction and limit increase

Validated account users have increased their daily trading limits to $ 25,000, which complements the platform’s instant trading capability.

September: launch of Krypto ETF with BlackRock, new assets app

With the help of the company’s BlackRock, rumors of a crypto ETF launch plan strengthened the market. Moreover, in the same month, they said they planned to add “assets” to their platforms quickly. This is definitely due to increased user demand.

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