Crypto sector survey: here are the profit figures of the largest Krypto stock exchanges

A recent Crypto sector survey by bdcenter is a survey of the first serious detailed and real figures for the Crypto monetary ecosystem, as well as an analysis of global Crypto currency markets.

The profitability and revenues of the 43 key Crypto currency exchange, which we compiled from the bdcenter crypto sector survey report, and current transaction and listing costs, reveal striking figures. It shows their turnover, listing prices, proceeds from transactions, and finally the sum of the revenues they generate from crypto money operations under the heading profitability of the stock exchanges, part of the study.

According to various web sites used by the research firm and their own research, 29 of the 43 Crypto stock exchanges discussed are not consistent with the actual turnover figures declared. Accordingly, Coinex, LBank, ZB.COM the Huobi and OKEx stock exchanges are among the biggest stock exchanges found in the Farka. In addition, the real turnover of the Huobi and OKEx Crypto stock exchanges is declared by more than $ 1 million. The turnover figures for Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase and Krakow are stated.

The leading company among the largest crypto stock exchanges in Binance

When we look at the important Krypto money exchanges list, we see that Binance is the world’s largest Krypto money exchange in terms of both income ($153,7 million) and transaction volume. Then Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex and EXX stock exchanges are among the most profitable stock exchanges along with Binance. The list shows Simex, Ethfinex, WCEX, Coinsbank and OOOBTC as low-income exchanges.

source: bdcenter

None of the stock markets see crypto money listing prices not open to the public. Listing prices are determined as a result of the evaluation of the projects according to certain criteria. Although their ranking positions are not very important, they are among the factors that affect the cost of listing.

The most expensive listing is in Huobi with $ 3.5 million. Then, it seems that the amount of stock markets such as Bibox and Binance demanded for listing can rise above $ 1 million. Research results show that the lowest listing commissions are in OOOBTC, LAToken and Exrates. The listing costs of these stock exchanges range from 10 to 30 thousand dollars on average. The listing price accepted by the general stock market is around 10 BTC.

Crypto sector survey shows that most of the income comes from trading commissions

Analysis results show that the Krypto stock market generates its largest revenue from trading commissions, not from the coin listing. The most profitable trading activities are as follows: Binance (148 million dollars), EXX (58 million dollars), Bitfinex (46 million dollars), Coinbase (38.7 million dollars), Gemini (28 million dollars).

The most successful stock markets in the survey are Huobi ($17.5 million), Coinsuper ($9.5 million), Bit-Z ($5.3 million), Binance ($5 million), Coinsuper ($3.6 million).)

The results of the study were compiled from the report prepared by the bdcenter.

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