Let’s take a look at some of the most up-to-date stories in the crypto world, from bitcoin and crypto money adaptation to a huge turnover for the Ethereum. Here’s the latest developments in crypto money…

Krypto is the latest in money

Adoption of Krypto Paros

A new video of the Krypto YouTube channel has been extensively discussed in the Krypto community. Video is designed to show how far emerging technology has to go before it begins to adopt mainstream in retail stores. A store owner shows what happens when he decides to test a popular crypto payment system and analyze some features, including customer ease of use.


As blockchain technology developed, a new poll was announced that one out of every five people in the UK thought that Bitcoin payments were “as common as cash or cards” one day. According to his research, 93% of all participants know Bitcoin.


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt told economist Tyler Cowen that he believes Ethereum has a great potential. Eric Schmidt adds to his statements::

“I think the most interesting thing is to start running applications on blockchain, and the most obvious example is Ethereum’s ability. And if the Etherium manages to find a way for global synchronization of this activity, it will make a very powerful platform even stronger. This is really a new invention.

Ripple (XRP))

Ripple announced his presence at two technology conferences this month. The company’s Global Banking Manager will speak on November 15 during the Blockchain startups Summit 2018 at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Ripple’s chief marketing strategist Cory Johnson will be at the Technonomy 2018 conference in Ritz-Carlton, Calif., Half Moon Bay, California, November 11-13. By the way, XRP is the last money to be added to your elliptical hardware wallet. Ripple then joins Litecoin, Dash, DigiByte, Ethereum Classic and Tether.



Shoe designer SBTG (aka Mr. Sabotage) officially began selling special shoes using VeChain technology to verify its authenticity.


The IOTA Foundation has hired a new senior project manager. Iota says Silicon Valley veteran Anne Smith will bring “deep industry experience” to her role in the IOTA Foundation. International project management, cross-functional experience and passion for quality in transforming fast-growing initiatives into global businesses, will help ensure that IOTA is adopted as a standard protocol and platform in the field of mobility.


TRON is partnering with NeoWorld, a 3D multiplayer online game. Blockchain-based gameplay is designed to allow players to navigate a virtual world where “millions of users are co-created and possessed”. Users have absolute autonomy to decide the rules in the virtual world and achieve self-management. The founders of the game say they sell more than 106,000 virtual real estate packages in the game.

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