*) Study loads, i suggest plenty. understand what you’re investing in.

*) know if you want to trade or if you need to make investments, 2 very different methods of earning profits.

*) don’t put all of your cash on one asset/forex.

*) margin long or sell is stressing, you’ll be careworn.

*) you’ll lose, you’ll win.

*) have an awesome unfastened margin.

*) use forestall loss.

*) realize how to examine charts, but don’t think that technical analysis makes the whole thing.

*) technical analysis doesn’t make everything ! test the basics. if ta says btc might be 10 000$ however big exchange receives hacked, anticipate a huge dump.

*) it’s higher to loose two hundred€ than a thousand€

*) it’s better to unfastened 2000€ than 10000€

*) don’t overlook : whilst you purchase for instance eth/btc, if you’re lengthy on eth, it implicitely method you’re brief on btc ! you wouldn’t want btc to upward thrust if you don’t need your investments move downward.

*) this one is debatable, i don’t do it but it’d have stored me time of strain: close your positions before night and near your positions earlier than week-give up in case you want to revel in it with your self/friends/circle of relatives.

*) arguable too, relies upon at the scenario: don’t buy when it’s inexperienced, buy while it’s purple. try and not buy on pinnacle, you may regret it, but buy before it goes to the top, you’ll remorse it too !

*) very critical : trading in crypto is warfare. you’re a completely little fish and whales will make the cutting-edge. they’ll make you lose your head and promote while you shouldn’t be selling.

*) Edit : in case you don’t close your positions, you don’t advantage some thing, you don’t free something (but i am hoping for you it’s going upward !)

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