They are always good news when it comes to HI.TECH, Robot but even more when they meet. Well ! Apparently the robots of the future will be able to notice the wind and feel the raindrops thanks to the electronic skin developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and described in the journal Science Robotics. The ultra-sensitive hi-tech skin can perceive the slight variations in pressure generated by the wind, the raindrops and even the steps of an ant column. Among the possible applications, the first identified by the researchers are prostheses able to guarantee an increasingly natural perception. The new electronic skin has been produced by covering magnetic sensors with a hollow polymeric membrane, in whose upper part magnetic beads have been incorporated. In this way, when a pressure is applied, the membrane is pushed inwards and the magnetic beads approach the sensor: the resistance thus created is sent to an electronic circuit which converts the signal into a series of pulses whose frequencies they are proportional to the pressure exerted. Applied to an artificial finger, the electronic skin has proved to be so sensitive to generate pulses in response to very light pressures, such as those created by the movement of an ant column. It also managed to perceive variations in wind speed and even the difference between small and large rain drops. In some tests, its sensitivity was even higher than that of human skin.

I remember when I was playing as a child and I was saying this is a far and long future and instead I find myself after at least 15 years to see things that before seemed impossible to me ..

I had the opportunity to try a little time makes a game highly linked to this news and I think you’ve heard a lot:


The narrative compartment of this game Detroit Become Human is the mainstay of the entire production.

The undisputed protagonists will be the androids that will play a central role in the daily life of humanity. The androids of Detroi Become Human do all sorts of jobs, help the elderly and the sick, they will be impeccable servants and nannies, they will help the police, even replace the animals in the zoos and, for the couples who are too busy at In the career, children androids will also be present. Machines are programmed to obey man but something changes and some of them, the “Deviant”, will begin to feel feelings and emotions.

Reading this news fresh after playing such a game I must admit that it creates a special feeling .. 🙂

We therefore do not have to stay and watch how advanced technology evolves and what it will promise in the “not so distant future”.

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  1. miti

    Passi da gigante nella tecnologia, soprattutto per la creazione di “pezzi di ricambio” per noi umani. Immagino degli arti artificiali con questa pelle che potranno restituire le sensazioni a chi ha dovuto subire un’amputazione o cose simili. Spero che non restino progetti solo per creare inutili robot..