Why do we study the various types of living things on earth? The answer is simple, we need strength! Nature has given something valuable to humans, we are weak, we cannot do anything without the help of equipment. So, where do we get all of that?

Mind, yes! The brain leads us to continue thinking for our prosperity in the world.

Because we need many things, sometimes we need to pay attention to animals. Animals can survive, and maybe their age will be longer than humans, and some research has revealed the mysteries that exist in animals to survive through hibernation. So for that, I want to discuss a little about something related to hibernation.

I and you must have known what hibernation is. At least it has become a mode to “turn off” windows on a computer.  In life, hibernation, as we know, is a long sleep period to save energy, hibernation intends to slow down the body and respiratory growth, as well as temperature. And what is more visible is a rate to decline the heartbeat and metabolism.

Bears hibernate when winter | credit: flickr

Cold temperatures will make people sleepy, but other species can sometimes bring drowsiness further by sleeping throughout the winter. Well, that long sleep isn’t what applies to humans, even though there are some experiences with sick people in the coma for decades. There are many animals that can do hibernation, ranging from insects, birds, amphibians, even primates. And that hibernation has given them many benefits.

Bear hibernation capability, in my opinion,  it makes sense because in winter and the environmental conditions there are difficult, there will be no food available because there are no living plants.

So, how about us?

Referring to the terms and explanations related to hibernation, we definitely need it for several types of activities, for example when astronauts fly into space and need decades of travel. Of course, this hibernation mode will be very useful, because astronauts don’t run out of a lot of energy when they are traveling on space.

Rob Henning from the University of Groningen, anesthetist in the Netherlands is working with NASA to realize a hibernation engineering for humans, this is because, until now, humans have not been able to hibernate, unless they have other supporting tools.

According to him, hibernation offers two big advantages for astronauts in the future: 

  • Hibernation can also reduce the amount of inventory that is expensive, which must be taken into space.
  • Hibernation can protect the health of astronauts.

credit: pixabay

Other than that, from several sources I read. Scientists have suggested to NASA about the hibernation of astronauts. It was intended to save costs for flying to Mars. Scientists propose that they do hibernation while flying for 180 days to Mars.

The astronauts will not need food and drinks as long as they are in hibernation mode, because the journey takes a long time with the distance of tens of millions of miles from the earth. The astronauts will be revived to carry out the mission without fatigue, and of course when they reach Mars. If the hibernation test is successful, then NASA can make smaller aircraft. The load carried will also be lighter.

Apart from that, because every astronaut must exercising every six hours, the power is needed by spaceship also getting bigger, because every time you exercise, because the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius and the air is full of carbon dioxide. If humans (astronauts) can hibernate, then that is a way out, and they don’t need to exercise anymore.

That is all from me, let’s comment and make a useful contribution to all humans. (@ el-asyi | wordpress-232441-710587.cloudwaysapps.com 2018)

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