In 1943, Abraham Maslow developed a theory of human motivation. It was expressed as a pyramid with the fundamental requirements at the base and increasing levels of human development as you move up.  Maslow stated that the “lower” needs must be met in order to achieve a higher level on the pyramid.

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Lets work our way up the Pyramid and see how these concepts affect us personally and the state of Blockchain development (the ecosystems) in general.

The first two levels of the pyramid might see unrelated to cryptocurrencies, but if you look around the world at say Zimbabwe or Argentina, you will find many people have run to BTC, DASH and other cryptocurrencies in order to “secure their dwindling wealth”.  The lack of wealth cause both uncertainty and the inability to meet basic physical bodily needs.  If these situations are not rectified they could lead to bad health affects, both long or short term and possibly even death.  Yes, indeed the lower 2 runs of Maslow’s ladder are very relevant to cryptocurrency adoption.

TRYBE.ONE and other crypto-oriented social media sights (Steemit, Minds) have become a place of social discovery.  A place where all types of peoples with common interest can interact and develop bonds, perhaps even become business partners in the blockchain space.  This and the next category are known as “SOCIAL NEEDS” and cryptos and blockchain adopters fall heavily in these two categories.

Some aspects of esteem, and all the catagories below it on the pyramid, are “EXTERNAL MOTIVATORS”. These, psychologically speaking, are the least powerful motivators.  The aspect of esteem that deals with others perceptions of ourselves is the example of this.

                                                           (LOOK EVERYONE – I’m a SUCCESS !!!)

The other aspect of this is “SELF ESTEEM” which is not an extrinsic but an “INTRINSIC MOTIVATOR”.  These are the most powerful motivators, that can last over a lifetime of effort and accomplishment.  Unfortunately, most the people in the current blockchain space are battling with the Extrinsic Esteem and Love & Belonging.  But that is ok, we all have room for personal growth.

This is the goal of a well lived life, to not be concerned about any aspect of “one’s-self” and only be focused on the “obvious need at hand”.  This is the musician that doesn’t play for money, no they play for the shear joy of creation and of sharing it with whoever wishes to hear.  One would have to conclude that METALICA has not reached this state of mind yet.  A scientist in pursuit of a knowledge is in process of self-actualizing.  When one has their lower needs met, then they can pursue their dream, or as Joseph Campbell says, “Follow Your Bliss”.

Well, where does Self-Actualization come into play with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.  The obvious example is “Shatoshi Nakamoto”, whomever or whatever that is.  His motivation was not out of external sources, it was guided by external sources (the problem needing solving), but it was carried out not for the approval of others, but solely for the Beauty of the Idea in itself.

Self-Actualization is what the Blockchain Space is seriously missing, with the only current use cases being ICO’s, Trading, Gambling (basically the same thing), and Video Gaming.  Our society has had all of these things (short of the schite show of scam ICO’s on ETH) for hundreds and some even thousands of years.  Where is the creativity? Where are the new paradigms? Where are the programmers and designers that are “In The Zone” and busy Self-Actualizing?

The one example @i-am aware of is the Transitional Resource Monetary System.  It is a project that will make NO MONEY for its designers and programmers, as it is NOT a Business, but a model for a functioning Physical Economy that is incentivised to Increase Recyclable Content in all physical goods.  In addition it claims to make production costs much cheaper for the business owner, and aims to competing corporations by undercutting their costs (the TRMS only allows “LIVING MEN” to participate, no Corporations or Trusts etc.).   This Idea is a “GAME CHANGER”,,, and MORE IDEAS like this need to be developed and promoted if we are ever to find the potential of the Blockchain Space.

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  1. Yanika


    I love your articles. Unbelievably elegant explanation and comparisons of Maslow’s Pyramide with the real world nowadays.
    Good example of the situation of some crisis stricken countries, that are on the path to become the ” Early Birds, Adopters” of the blockchain!!!

  2. Miguel Canto

    The cryptoworld is more easy to understand in articles and examples like this. Sometimes you get confused between so many terms that are not common in the everyday of most people. Hello World, definitively a New One. A lot to learn!!
    Best regards!!

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Yes, something other than gambling and trading and video games,,, something BIG that changes the prosperity and nature of the WORLD !!!

      Spread the word, more people need to know how the paradigm can shift and the changes can happen!

  3. Irina

    Today I reviewed the project, in general, did not notice anything special, almost everything like everyone else.
    In general, it all depends on the work of the team, with competent work there may be cool results

  4. firedream

    Wow…This is what I was looking for in terms of self-actualization.
    If you ever need an unexperienced, not so capable dev. in your project, count me in!
    What you propose is a “total dream” but a good one 🙂

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