Have you ever wanted something so bad but when it finally came you realised it wasn’t as you imagined it would be?

Well i had been away from home for almost a year and over the past few months i had been graoning and whining about wanting to go back home. I missed my family.

Finally, a couple days ago, i travelled 12 hours back home and i was so happy to finally see my mother and my adorable nephew. Unfortunately, my sisters have all gone back to school. I have only been home 2 days and i have already had a little altercation with my mother.

I love that woman to death but sometimes she can be so overbearing and a little naggy. Kinda makes me wish i didn’t come back home. I am still very much prefer been at home than where i was because at home i get to take a break from some decisions that always leave me with headaches.

One of such is Knowing what to eat per time. LOL i know it sounds funny but it has become a serious conundrum every time i am hungry, especially in the mornings.

Another one is knowing what to wear. I know this should be a girl thing but still. Since im home i do not have to. Go anywhere and even if i do i have 3 sisters to help me solve my fashion emergencies. LoL

Anyway, I am glad to be home regardless. There is no. Place like home right. I have been indoors since i came back and i am enjoying every bit of it which is weird because i honestly really don’t like been indoors for long periods. It drives me crazy really. But i am. Maybe it is the weird weather here, i mean its so very very hot outside but then it is suprisingly cool inside the house.

Oh well like i said, there is no place like home..

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  1. Cornel

    I’m also far away from home, relocated to Chicago, USA from my natal country Moldova and wasn’t home for 6 years already. Obviously I have this void inside me that demands to fill it with paying at least a short temporary visit to my beloved home, but still am in the preparation.