Today I want to talk to you about two projects of the Eos ecosystem that I believe will support this promising path … let’s start with Horuspay!

Horuspay is creating a decentralised Global Payroll portal that allows companies to exchange private data with suppliers and will take advantage of blockchain technology to keep these data secure, private and easily transferable.

The existing wage payment mechanism, for example, still requires a considerable number of intermediaries, all of whom have a profit margin, due to both the sensitivity of the data they work with and the fact that they are working with financial transactions. .

Horuspay is developing an alternative wage solution that has the potential to eliminate all intermediaries from this process. Through the Horuspay portal, parties can exchange data with international suppliers directly and securely, while enjoying a serious increase in cost efficiency.

There will also be the possibility to pay employees with cryptocurrencies via Horuspay. The Horus tokens have already been issued and the team is currently in the process of attracting users

The second project also this very interesting is Insights Network

Insights Network is developing an infrastructure on EOS’s blockchain for data exchange, which is fast becoming one of the most valuable resources nowadays and is collected through centralized infrastructure in the hands of huge technology companies.

Insights Network wants to break this “status quo” using blockchain technology, providing a platform on which individuals and organizations can exchange data in a reliable, compliant and mutually beneficial manner.

This means that those who produce this data (all Internet users) will be able to monetize a real value.

Recent advances in decentralized storage, digital currencies and smart contracts enable the creation of decentralized platforms for conducting marketing research and securely archiving consumer data.

Organizations will then be able to use the platform to request these data from Insights members. Insights Network already has its first online wallet and will update it soon. They are also planning to launch their mainnet. Further information can be found on this article.

Instar is the native token for Insights Network. With this token, users can buy and sell data on this platform.

Do you think that the set of projects that are taking life on the blockchain of EOS is really impressive, many of them have abandoned the blockchain of Ethereum.There are currently around 241 ongoing EOS projects, of which 100 are live or in beta. The other 141 are under development or still expressed in a conceptual way.We overcome speed up and grow more and more!

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