I’ve been digging my way through the EOS world for a few weeks and today I came across Yum.games and was immediately thrilled. In this Yum.games Review I would like to share my experiences with you.

The EOS world is currently overlaid by Gambling Dapps. That’s what I’m saying without a rating. Some people don’t like it that much, I like it very much, because new possibilities are constantly opening up. Gambling Dapps constantly give away free tokens, start exciting ICOs and generally ensure a lot of transactions on the EOS blockchain. Thanks to DappRadar I have a perfect overview of what is currently trendy and what is even more interesting, what is not yet hyped but has great potential to become trendy. Here I came across Yum.games.

Yum.games immediately stands out positively. It has a clean design, works smoothly and just looks good. Furthermore Yum.games is already tradable at Newdex and listed at DappRadar. Apparently Yum.games is not yet known to most people and there are two simple reasons for this. Yum.games is currently in the ICO phase and is about to release its first games. As soon as the first game was published, the transactions and thus the ranking rise on DappRadar and the Dapp no longer runs under the radar and flies directly to the moon.

There’s gonna be a lot of games, like, for example: Heads or Tails, Lucky Times, Dice, Red Pack, Black Jack, Lottery, Slot and many more. The games look absolutely great, I’ll show you some really cool screenshots.

Yum.games Review

As promised I’ll show you some really cool screenshots of the games, so you get a perfect impression of what happens behind the scenes at Yum.games. On the following screenshot you can see the game Black Jack, which will be the third game that Yum.games will release. I am already an fan of Yum.games, I’m not hiding that either. You can play Black Jack with EOS and YUM tokens.

Yum.games ICO

A few days ago the Yum.games ICO started and you can now get YUM tokens for a very low price. For 10 EOS you get 100,000 YUM tokens. If you have followed the rocket-like success and of BetDice, you can roughly guess what is coming to you here. I bought 450,000 YUM tokens for 45 EOS today and have no doubt that the price will increase tenfold in just a few weeks. Similar to what BetDice does, the YUM tokens can be staked and you get a dividend.

If you visit the Yum.games website now, you can immediately receive 1,000 YUM tokens for free. All you have to do is play once. These are easily earned YUM Tokens.

Yum.games contact

Website: https://yum.games
Twitter: twitter.com/GamesYum
Telegram: t.me/yumgames

This Yum.games review was written by Oliver

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    1. Oliver Post author

      Thanks, James! 🙂

      For many weeks I have been scanning the entire EOS Gambling market in search of the perfect opportunity. You know it yourself, you have to be there early, the team has to do a good job, and so on.

      This time we are very early! Only a few days ago Yum.games really started here. When the second game (Black Jack) is released, the transactions will go through the roof, Yum.games will go up on DappRadar and the price will go up. Finally I have found something exciting and will be there in time.

      Staking is possible as soon as the ICO is finished in 3-4 days. I would recommend to come to the Telegram channel.


  1. blackpanther

    Good article, the platform looks exciting indeed. We need all games to have a bond so they don’t run away with our money. The team tokens need to be locked up so they don’t pull what SVN just did. I’m looking forward to this casino once all the games are active