China, which declared ICO and outlaw cryptocurrencies, just a few days ago inaugurated the ETH Hotel located in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Aba, in the central-north western part of China.

China that resists bans, the ETH Hotel would be challenging the cript of cryptocurrencies imposed by the Chinese government and would also accept the ETHs as a payment method.

Observing well on the face of the Hotel you can well notice the officilae Ethereum logo!


In addition, the hotel owner has installed an artistic work clearly inspired by the world of cryptocurrencies in the reception of the hotel.

On blue night-colored marble slabs the Bitcoin logo of a stellar blue is depicted, set in a constellation of light points and lines that recall the nodes of a distributed peer-to-peer network.

ETH Hotel in a natural paradise

The news is going around the world and beyond the possibility for the hotel manager, Mr. Huang Mingkun, to be able to accept payments in ETH without incurring penalties from the Chinese government, the promotional intent is succeeding well.The hotel, which has 55 rooms, and is equipped with all the modern facilities that a tourist would expect to find, is located in a naturalistic area well known not only in China.The natural area is located in Sichuan province and is known as the National Scenic Area of ​​Four Girls Mountain. The mountain range is the Qionglai, whose mountains almost all exceed 4,000 meters above sea level and reach 6,240 meters with the peak of Mount Siguniang.


Cryptocurrencies and cultural change

According to some articles the construction of a hotel dedicated to digital currencies and where it is possible to pay with them, shows that Chinese entrepreneurs, even in the most inland areas of the country, have become familiar with the blockchain technology.

In my opinion, this is a sign of strong cultural change that should not be underestimated, because perhaps it will be initiatives like these that push the Chinese government to reopen the doors to cryptocurrencies.We can not wait to see so many hotels in the world that will open the doors to the world of cryptomonete!

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  1. sandwichbill

    Everybody’s been anti-crypto to begin with, but they’re all using their mentality and waking-up to reality, because they now know it’s here to stay and it has so much potential to transform our economies and societies.

  2. miti

    Il governo Cinese cederà sulle criptovalute come altri hanno già fanno prima di lui. E’ notizia di qualche giorno fa che la Corea del Sud stia rivalutando la sua decisione di bandire criptovalute e blockchain..

  3. Irina

    It can be seen that the team did a great job on this project, now it remains to wait for overall growth in the crypt of the industry, which will make it possible to take profits from this company

  4. crpp

    Interesting! Let’s hope the manager doesn’t mysteriously “disappear”. :p
    I would expect other cryptocurrencies to be used in China though. Nice article, thanks for sharing. Got my follow. 🙂