One month ago, the online sharing event of EOS ing, co-sponsored by inewb blockchain frontier, Hoo Hufu wallet and node EOSRaychains, interviewed the first ALL-IN EOS ecological trading platform, the CEO of Chaince Peter Wu.

Wu said, “EOS is still the biggest hope for de-centralization of blockchain”, and EOS is the value carrier of EOS core resources and brand consensus.

Here are the carefully selected questions:

1. What new actions have you made in RAM recently?

Mr. Wu: Any price is determined by supply and demand, and RAM is no exception. The biggest uncertainty in the RAM market is the uncertainty of the expansion plan, which is also the main factor leading to the previous collapse in RAM prices. The main reason for my investment in RAM is that I have considerable confidence in the future EOS DAPP ecosystem outbreak. The development of EOS DAPP will greatly increase the demand for RAM as the core resource of EOS main network.

2. What is the profit model of Chaince during the bear market? How should the exchange spend the winter?

Mr. Wu: The bear market does not talk about profitability. It is a platform for building money and perfecting its basic functions. Chaince will make good use of the market downturn (also use the funds of several of our partners) to expand its competitiveness and continue to track the latest needs born in the EOS ecosystem and launch the new business in due course. For the exchange how to spend the winter, I think the team’s belief is the most important. To be specific, it is to see whether we have a firm confidence in the blockchain industry, the EOS system, and the EOS DAPP ecosystem, and there is no doubt about this. On the contrary, the bear market may be the biggest blow to these teams for teams that are rushing into the bull market to make money.

3. What is the new business? Does it mean trading or something else?

Mr. Wu: For example, when the market demanded RAM, the Chaince team immediately worked overtime and launched the EOS RAM chain real-time trading function on the weekend, becoming the first exchange in the world to support the RAM chain. As long as the EOS ecosystem generates new demands in the future (such as REX), our team will be the first to study-decision-execution.

4. When is the speed of the currency speeded up?

Mr. Wu: The team is tracking the latest developments in the EOS Ecology in real time every day. At present, we have deep cooperation with a number of very well-known and powerful project teams, and will be launched in the next few months, some of which will be exclusive starters.

5. How does CET empower next? Is there a plan?

Mr. Wu: Give the use of the scene + expand the token rights

6. How do you face the impact of a decentralized exchange that does not need to replenish the transaction on the direct chain? Such as NEWDEX?

Mr. Wu: The team is conducting a technical feasibility study on the decentralized exchange. We will absorb the advantages of the decentralized platform, such as easy access to the Scatter wallet to create the multi-dimensional competitiveness of the Chaince platform.

Chaince Team

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