Ankur Agarwal is an ICO Consultant, a Cryptocurrency and email marketing expert, and a great mentor. He is the author of the book “Email profits decoded.” You can get his book and deep dive into the world of email promotions right away.

Do you have an ICO product and looking to successfully market your project. Then you require a step by step process of promoting your ICO or tokens by means of Email marketing. About 2/3 of the ICO businesses rely on paid advertising services. Rest 1/3 try to use Email marketing but don’t know the right way to get the results. One thing should be clear that you must have the consent of your contacts in order to send the marketing emails. For that, you can send opt-in and opt-out options and know about their interest.
Newsletter, one of the best marketing tools:
A newsletter is vital to your marketing campaign not only to get your potential investors or customers but maintain a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, the following are some points which can successfully draw the attention of visitors without boring them.
• Provide content with a success story
• A catchy subject line
• Sending newsletters frequently with interesting updates
• Using visually appealing infographics or designs for easy understanding
• Provide your social links for better communication
Getting the address of cryptocurrency investors:
Using Rapportive: It is a service owned by Linked In. All you require is to install a Rapportive plugin in your browser. It will help you to receive the contacts of your potential investors directly in your mailbox. It works only if the person has his account on Linkedin.
You can ask your friends or peers who have conducted ICO email campaigns or have a list of investors interested in crypto-markets. Generally, investors favour those who have a mutual contact.
You can also rely on Angellist where you can get to know what investors are looking for. Consequently, you can make your profile over there to let them know about you.
Getting the address through landing page:
Even before the sales of your ICO product, make sure to include subscription form on your business website. It is a better idea to collect a handful of contacts before the product launch which in return can ensure the longevity. Know about the mailing services you can implement such as Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact etc. However, MailChimp has completely banned the services related to blockchain or ICO promotions.
Evoke your applicants through autoresponders. It’s always important to inform them about the services your ICO offers. You can cement their interest by offering them more add-on services, additional benefits or bonuses. This is the high time to build a trust and delay in the confirmation of subscription may result in bad impression.
Whitelist campaign: It enlists the initial community of investors interested to join or know about your ICO campaign. By strengthening the social channels, you will ultimately receive the personal information of people interested in your initiative.
Avoid your campaign to become obsolete. You must be responsible to share weekly updates to your registered investors. Never let your clients forget about your campaign through regular emails, however, don’t try to persuade them daily like an annoying pitch from average salesmen.
Service and marketing letters:
The autoresponses that a user receives while performing an action are the service letters. Below is a list of service letters:
• Confirmation of the subscription
• Confirmation on enlisting on a whitelist
• Registration in your account
• Transfer of funds
• Bonus on referral programmes
• Charging tokens
• Letters to the registered users who didn’t buy tokens
• Service for password recovery
Marketing letter informs your registered users about the token sales. You can invite both of them, those who made a little purchase or those who want to buy. You can inform them about the special offers or bonuses upon the first 100 or 200 purchases.


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