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Dear Trybians,

Wow! I just realised that I wrote my last post in this series on the 19th of June, 2018!

The last 7 months have literally flown past in a whirlwind!

When I wrote my last post we had just 200 members, and now we have nearly 15,000! At that time I was also the only one working on the project except for one freelance developer, and now we have a team of over 20!

I’ve also done a bit of accounting, and although my posts were titled “How I started Trybe for less than $10K”, and at the time that was true, I actually ended up spending close to $40K before we started to bring in any money from our token sale… But “How I started Trybe for less than $40K” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, so I’m going to leave it as it is 🙂

Anyway, it looks like I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on, so I’m going to do a brief overview of the last 7 months here. For anyone who’s interested in reading about the events that lead up to that time, you can check out my previous posts.

Around about the time I wrote my last post in this series, a number of people had started to post regularly on Trybe. Two of those, Matt Haynes and Adam Clark, were great contributors, and started making suggestions about how I could actually make the platform better…

I started communicating frequently with both of them, and at more or less the same time, I asked them both if they would like to become more permanent members of the Trybe team (which at the time was really just a team of one.)

Matt was a video producer, with a deep knowledge of crypto and EOS in particular, and Adam was a network security engineer and a programmer. They both said yes, and we started working together… Long story short, Matt is now the COO and Adam is the CTO of Trybe, and I couldn’t have found better co-founders if I’d tried!

Although I did try. Before Adam came on board I spent months doing interviews with potential developers, looking for a CTO. I was even involved in a startup incubator with someone who I hoped would take on that role. But for one reason or another, none of these people ever worked out… And now I’m very grateful that they didn’t. Not only is Adam the perfect CTO, but his passion for crypto, his programming (and security) skills, and his warped sense of (English) humour make him a great person to work with as well!

Matt has been perfect from the beginning, and is extremely good with people (something that I, as a bit of an introvert at times, am not always great at) as well as having an innate sense of business and marketing. And not only that – we just “get” each other and trust each other 100% (and given that we’ve never actually met in person – this is something rare).

Eric was next on the team, a talented developer who helped with our first pre-sale portal as well as keeping the website humming along, and who is still an integral part of the team as one of our lead developers.

From there came Mike, Martin, Nick, Dan, and more recently Johan and Moss, along with a team of about 12 designers, developers, SEO experts, marketing experts, and others…

Finding great people to work with wasn’t always easy. A few people came and went, not quite the right fit for some reason, but almost as if by magic this project has taken on a life of its own and has managed to attract a fantastic bunch of very talented, very dedicated, and above all very passionate people, who I am now incredibly grateful to work with.

In the beginning we were all just working for tokens, with no financial reward at all, and when people aren’t getting paid it doesn’t take long to work out who is really into the project for its own sake and who is not!

Since the pre-sale started and we have some funds coming in we have all started to take a very small salary, given that we all work full time on this project now and have given up all other work in order to focus on it, but I can tell you – we all still put far more into it than we actually get paid for. And for that I am grateful to have such a passionate team (love you guys!)

Since we started receiving funding through our pre-sale (and I’d like to take a moment here to thank everybody who has contributed to that – as without you we wouldn’t be able to continue working on our vision), we are now working on building Trybe 2.0!

For those of you who have read my last posts, you will know that the current version of Trybe is just an MVP that I built with WordPress, and that was never really meant to support such a huge community.

We’ve had a number of scaling issues along the way, as well as a hack, and those of you who have been with us for a while will remember the time when we were down for nearly a week because our site was under attack!

Luckily, with some hard work by our devs, we’ve managed to scale it up a bit to handle the higher loads and make it more secure, but we are all working hard towards building a much faster, cleaner, more modern software platform to be the new home of Trybe.

If you haven’t already checked out the prototype for the next version, then I’d love you to do so here:

And you can keep track of the real-time progress of the build on this site here:  It doesn’t look like much yet, as a lot of work is going on in the backend, but progress is being made rapidly.

The new software is being built with a mixture of React and Nodejs, much faster web technologies, and will provide that almost instantaneous, real-time experience that people are used to with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

And once this new platform is complete, then the real work will begin…

From there we plan to scale up to build a platform that rivals some of the largest social networks!

A social network that isn’t just full of pictures of your friends and family or memes to make you laugh (although there’s nothing wrong with those), but that also has a feed full of inspiring content. That allows you to connect with others who share your interests, and both teach and learn from them. A platform that helps you to find your TRYBE.

The average person spends over 2 hours on social media per day – imagine how we could change the world if we provided a social network that EDUCATED and INSPIRED people!



From the beginning I wanted to create a platform that would inspire people to be the best possible versions of themselves. To provide people with interesting, exciting, educational content, but at the same time inspire them to create content that other people would find inspiring.

Inspiration: The connection with all things and a higher purpose. The new. The novel. The exciting. The mother of creation.

Find Inspiration: Do what you love to do. Let it fill you. Let it out and use it to create something beautiful that you can share with others.

Be Inspiring: Inspire others to be great by leading the way, and also by helping them find what they love and allowing them to do it.


Get Inspired! Be Inspiring!

That is the tagline of Trybe.


Again – I’d just like to thank everyone who has contributed to this journey. From a lone soul hacking away in my living room, I’ve somehow managed to inspire thousands of other people to help take this journey with me. And there’s absolutely no way I could have done it without you.

In particular I’d like to thank our financial supporters, and I pledge to give my very best (and I know my team does too) to building something that you can be proud of having been a part of, and that will hopefully reward you well into the future in many, many different ways, as well as make the world a better place.

And also I’d like to thank our partners – Worbli, PARSL, TokenPocket, EOSphere, and all the other great people building great things on the EOS blockchain.

And the rest of you also – all the users that come to Trybe every day and take part in this wonderful community… Thank you!

My love to you all.

Tom Norwood.


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  1. AD

    I spent a minute trying to come up with a smart comment, but all I could think of was Go, Tom!!! People are fed up with Facebook and the likes of them sites that just use their private information to sell it and get richer.
    I used some private advertising on Facebook to target gamblers. My ad reached about 50.000 of them. Did all of them want to be reached? will learn from other platforms’ mistakes which is awesome, so Go Tom, Go team!

  2. MineYourMind

    I’ve tried well over 30 Social Media sites and left all but the one’s in Alpha versions and Trybe thus far.

    I must say, other than the lack of interaction and quality comments where there is interaction, I love the platform. I especially love the quality of content, but think we could do without the crossposting, especially from Steemit…

    I do of course understand that with only around 15,000 user’s that interaction is pretty good from that perspective.

    I say this even though my niche “Self-Reliance” is not adequately represented here, but hopefully my content is embraced and maybe the category, along with the many related subcategories will be added in the future.

    Thank you Tom for all your hardwork. I know it will pay off and be of benefit to many.

  3. firedream

    Tom, what you are doing here is just great!
    The targets are defined, the roadmap is clear and the milestones are visible.
    What we need is escalation, ease of crypto usage.

    Today, trying to get a scatter, connecting EOS account and connecting it TRYBE is a wizard job for not only average people but for most of the educated, inspiring people.

    I know some, and they choose to stay away from crypto based platforms just because of this reason( although they don’t admit)
    It will change for sure, today the people afraid of crypto are like the first Lydian that saw money and stick to barter system.

    The future will be bright!


  4. Rezoanul Vibes

    The way Trybe is moving forward, it is going to be one of the most popular platforms out there. It has a bright future. I’m really happy to join Trybe and try to express everything that I’m passionate about.

    Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful platform.
    Best of luck!

  5. Martin

    It is amazing to be a part of Trybe and I love the project and the people. For someone who spends hours on this project, this was an amazing read and it spoke to me in volumes. I started with you guys back in October and I am looking forward to 2019.

  6. Zeus69

    Great summary of the TRYBE birth to where it is today, I feel I have been part of your journey in a sense, I joined TRYBE back in September 2018, and I have grown so much with all the amazing support from many of the TRYBE team, devs, admin, etc, I dont want to mentions names, they all know who they are, fantastic team. I wish TRYBE all the best in its future endeavors, I will be here to the end, I love the team, the community members. I really enjoy writing and reading content on the platform, I especially enjoy interacting with all on TRYBE.
    Thank you for a wonderful platform, and look forward to the next release/s and the future as part of this community. Keep up the great team, and work.
    Mark (Zeus69) (“Crypto Poet”)

  7. Conceptskip

    Tom, what you guys have built here is just so amazing! Not only is this one of the best platforms to discuss Crypto (and especially EOS), but i love to read inspiring articles on history and humanity, listen to music, and so much more, hardly to be found on classical social media platform, this reflects on the community here which is just a great. Really happy to be on this exciting journey with all of you!

  8. Infosion

    Wow, this all sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for all the interesting insights and details. Gotta read all of these articles soon. Very nice history of what happened so far and I can tell you that you really got you job done inspiring me 😉 Think this place is full of very interesting stuff and I always want more time when I start reading, writing articles or commenting!
    A very big Thanks to all of the TRYBE team for what all of you guys have done so far! The whole project really reflects your passion for it. And all of your effort is really not for granted. So very big Thx to all of you!
    Very happy that I found out about TRYBE and I’m very curious for the future

  9. Siddartha

    Entrepreneurs like you always inspire me! I think we all know, Steemit is facing some huge problems and I guess Trybe will be the next platform where they would want to go. Just be transparent and innovative like you guys are now, and no one can stop Trybe from becoming number 1 DAPP. A real DAPP with real use.