How I made 40 EOS with 100 EOS investment, the tittle looks so cheeze.. but it is true I made 40 EOS.

Note: before I explain the things, this is not an investment advice, just sharing my views.

I always try to find best dapps in eos for that I used to join in every group, I always sit quietly and read the chats, with there questions and discussion I learnt how every project works and how they make money out of there business.

Now recently after eosbet launched, it became all over crazy, that gaming is the biggest industry evolving around EOS even I saw gambling as investment not as a professional betting or something.

after reaching all over the games I see 2 bet dapps are more important than others.


they have huge bankroll, they did pre-ICO like 25k BET tokens for 1000 EOS. now they stopped it. And they sold/released of there total BET tokens to players and investors around 20% till now. Rest they kept it with them.
now if you wanna to get BET token there is only 1 option that is you have to play eosbet to get bet tokens. for every 40EOS bet you will receive 1 BET token.


they have medium size bankroll, they didn’t do any pre-ICO/ICO till now, And they don’t have any plans for ICO in future the only way you will get LUCKY token is by playing DICE or lottery game on EOS.WIN page. For every 1 EOS you bet, you will receive 0.4 Lucky token. and it seems so reasonable as they are not doing any ICO.

Here comes the best part of, they are giving daily dividends to LUCKY token holders starting from day 1. they pay dividend to the tokens available in the market not the locked one. present curculation of LUCKY token is 1.5 million around(including Teams share). In last 2weeks there average dividend distribution for 100 LUCKY token is around 0.1 EOS as per my calculation. once I realized the concept, I directly bought Lucky Token for 100 EOS from the market and started claiming the dividend till now I have received 23 EOS as dividends and another 17 EOS for trading lucky token in market, simple 3 buys and 2 sell. total Adds up to 40 EOS.

so why I am saying this to you ? I want to clearly inform users/players that BET token is not worth of your risk . True..

both LUCKY and BET has almost same ratio 88 million bet tokens and 100 million Lucky tokens.
for 40 EOS bet you will receive 1 BET Token. I closely monitoring few players, to earn 2k BET token people last around 5k EOS, some times it will be more than that. lets say eosbet adopted the same strategy as and they provide dividends to the token holders only, not for the locked ones. still I count the circulation numbers are 30 million bet tokens. lets assume eosbet has a dividend pool of  30K EOS daily count it on average basis, then you will receive 0.1 EOS for your 100 bet tokens. but to earn 100 BET tokens you already lost more than 200 EOS , on the other hand LUCKY token is coming with cheaper risk and they are providing same or more returns compared to eosbet.


I believe the winner in this game is clearly LUCKY token.

I wrote this story because players will choose better Dapp than just playing for eosbet popularity. maybe returns may vary depends on revenues they are generating but clearly LUCKY is the best one as of now.


I believe EOS.WIN is the winner at the end.

All the best to team for there efforts.




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