Everyone in life wants to be successful and no one is pleased or hoping for failure. Success is the hope and aim of everyone in life has it brings comfort to human life and happiness. Everyone has a goal or aim to achieve either in their Career or Workplace or Academic level with the aim of attaining Success in whatever they do. Most Steemit bloggers are also aiming to be successful in this lovely platform.

Now, the question is how can we truly define success?

Definition Of Success



Different people came up with different ideas about the term “Success”. I would love to quote some useful definition I found very lovely and enticing.

“Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

This literally means we are successful whenever we accomplish our goal. A very reasonable person will always have a mission to accomplish in his/her life. As a trybe blogger and a writer, part of my aim is to transmit knowledge round the world for the purpose of changing people’s lives. This factor has made me persistent. But whenever I am typing, I feel the joy within me because this is what I love doing. There are other people with different goals or aims to accomplish in life because everyone of us differs when it comes to setting goals. It is left for them if they make success out of their goal.

Let’s delve into the aspect of failure😊

It is not possible to talk about Success without delving into the concept of failure. Failure is defined as the opposite of success to a layman mentality. This literally means the lack of accomplishment of a goal or purpose. No one is willing to fail. We all try to avoid failure as it causes a form of depression and disgrace to our lives. Failure is such a sardonic experience no one will ever wish for😧.

Learn From My Past Experience


One of the best way to learn in life is to learn from those who had great experience about what you wana do. I will share a great story which I can’t eradicate from my memory because it is an unforgettable moment in my life. Here goes my story😊

It all began during my high school days. I used to be the type that doesn’t love reading books, studying and researching. I love playing alot, eating alot and sleeping  alot because I never knew anything about life. I managed to scale through with my average result till I got to my finals during my high school level. Then my parent spoke to me diligently about wanting me to pass my final exam so that I can further my studies in the University. I saw the ray of hope in their faces towards me. They did everything I wanted, and they supported me financially and physically by assisting me to attain success in my final Exams.

One day, I sat down alone privately in isolation thinking about my life and my future. Then I decided I am gona make them proud by having distinctions (grade A) in all my papers. I was left with few month for the exams, so I started reading my books. But I noticed I don’t really understand what I was reading and I forgot them so easily. I never applied much effort while I was studying for the exams because I heard of some of my mates who spend 3-6 hrs reading per day, but I always have the notion “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” 😀. This quote made me study less and play more (lols).

Final Exam Day


On getting to school, I noticed the everywhere was just scattered with lots of students reading different books at different locations. I saw different people studying under different conditions. My heart was skipping because I knew it was time for my final exam in high school which will determine my admission to the university. After 10 mins of my astonishing look at the school environment, I heard the sound of the bell saying “Go to the hall, it’s Exam time” I began furious and I had to develop my self confidence and courage to write the exam with out any fear. While I was in the hall sitting at my prescribed position, my exam questions and answer booklet was distributed to me. I saw lot of ambiguous questions in there. I looked at my left hand side and right hand side hoping I could whisper to my class mate for answers but they concentrated on their work avoiding the scary face invigilator😀😀. I was left with no choice than to write on my own. I did the Exam my self and I had hope I will pass them😊.

The Result Was Out!!!


After the long holiday vacation, I received a text message when I was enjoying myself about the release of the Exam result. I checked my results and guess what  I failed !!!.  I was so depressed after checking my results some other students did well. I became very shy and I avoided going out because I don’t wana be questioned about my results. It caused a great depression to my parents and my intimate friends.

Something Grew Up In Me After That Sad Experience😮


After I failed that Exam, I had another chance of registering for alternative Exam that may grant me admission to the University. My parents gave me another chance by giving me the required amount of money for the alternative Exam. I paid for the Exam and registered for the Exam.

Then, my self motivation increased. I began to study drastically unlike before. I was able to remember things and I was also able to solve Mathematical problems. Some people were having the notion I can never be successful. They wanted me to give up but my self motivation kept growing. I ignored people who are not willing to help me and those who looked down on me.

It Was Time For The Alternative Exam

After my long term preparation to accomplish my aim, I was so eager and ready to trash any question i saw in the Exam paper. When I got my question and answer booklets, I smiled after glancing through the questions. I did my Exam with lot of confidence and revenge. I went home hoping for successful result.

The Results has Been Pasted😧

I received the notification about the release of the results, my close friends and family became scared again thinking I may fail. But I was very confident about my performance with a smiling face. I checked the results and I was successful🙌. I became very happy and I celebrated with my loved ones. I am now qualified to study at my desired University.

Lessons Learned


  • Failure doesn’t means everything is over. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • Don’t be discouraged by people telling you, you can’t achieve your goals.
  • Never give up and always hope for the best.
  • Focus on your goals and success will surely reach you.
  • Prove your enemies wrong by achieving Success.

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  1. James Diegel

    Its good that you learned from your mistakes, used your ‘failure’ as motivation for change, and recognized that with effort you could be successful. Congratulations on your entrance, and I hope that you carry this experience forward enabling you to continue with your future successes 🙂

  2. Dexpartacus

    I was that type too…no good!
    I failed the final exam too, but in High school…no good again!
    After that I choose work.
    The important is that you have learned the Life lessons and you pass the exam!