I always think about this – every day actually, so I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts.

Blockchain and decentralisation for me is the removal of an abusive system that crash with my values. I was born into a abuse. The state abuse us all, and while it might feel fuzzy and warm sometimes, and safe -it inhibits us from reaching our potential. And it makes us afraid, skeptical and into huge hypocrites. How else do you explain how so many relatively rich western kids end up suicidal, depressed and angst ridden? If they only had freedom – they would never have the time to be depressed or angsty. Freedom is some of the most difficult and hard things there is. To have freedom is not something most people really want. It is just a word people love to throw around. REAL freedom comes with a cost. Personal responsibility and clear values. Not something you need to think about much growing up in a nanny state.

Blockchain for me represent the free market now. It’s completely Texas. You can lose your money in a heartbeat. No refund. One wrong letter and your crypto is gone. What does that teach us? Personal responsibility? And what is that? Freedom. Freedom was never supposed to be easy. Freedom is to achieve something, to become better. To learn and to make progress.

Blockchain is also about rewarding people who create real value. What is most valuable? Someone pushing papers in government administration, or someone creating amazing youtube videos or playing computer games with thousands of followers/fans?

Not only is Blockchain about that – it’s about making sure those people are not censored because of their political views or opinions.

Blockchain is about making sure history from now on is objective. Not anymore written by the winners. In the future the winners will be those who deserve to be the winners. 

Blockchain will be able to speed up science and research by connecting and automate reviews. Blockchain will make sure people living their whole life or parts of their life creating value for others through their personality or actions in a virtual reality such as a game – will be able to earn and hold on to digital assets. 

Blockchain will be technology what the car was for transportation. Sure, the horse carriage man lost his job, be as million of new and more amazing jobs were created, I’m sure he found his way as well.

But, before we get too excited – this is years from now. As I write this, in late 2018 – in what will be remembered as the famous bear market for cryptos, only a few thousand people are using Dapps. Mostly gambling Dapps, ponzi schemes and exchanges with more or less speculative extremely early days tokens. 

Make no mistake – as developers develop ever more streamlined systems – the threshold to enter this amazing world will be lower. And people are joining every day. EOS took it a step further, and I have NO doubt in my mind that this is the right place to be. At least for now. If it stagnates I will of course move on. I’m always on the lookout. But GAMING is going to be one of the first major places for crypto currency adoption. And it is going to explode. Never mind these betting sites. Consider them just as something we have to get through to really get to where we want to be. Huge open world sandbox games with land ownership, unlimited interactions through different smart contracts. Do you want to rent land and dig for materials? Or perhaps be a mercenary protecting a caravan. Or explore deep dungeons with randomly generated one of a kind digital assets in the form of legendary artefacts. That’s the next level of gaming – and it is everything you ever dreamt of. Me, I’m happy with a cool mmorpg blockchain run version of Baldurs Gate. But for the kids – full VR 3D world or whatever makes them happy these days. 

Oh, and keep in mind one thing. People are so eager for the “bull market” to happen, that they forget that we are not only seeing so much more being developed right now, but also used. The most used Dapps attract thousands of people now, as compared to a few hundred a few months ago. Forget about the speculative phase we had in 2017. I can guarantee you that we will go higher than that. I can’t guarantee which token, project or coin that will moon – but I have never considered cashing out any of my crypto to fiat money. I might do it when a small proportion is “life changing money”, but until then – F it. One of the things life has thought me is, when you have done the research and all logic falls in place with your gut feeling – NEVER let psychology get in the way. Never be distracted. Keep doing what you are doing and keep diving deeper into the rabbit hole. That’s how people built fortunes in the past, that’s how they build fortunes now, and that’s how they will build fortunes in the future. Some things never change. 

This article probably ended up a lot more personal and “inspirational” (and longer) than I intended. But that’s what happens sometimes when you just start to write.

Blockchain will evolve with us – and it is truly like that crazy old man John Mcafee said – Pandoras Box. Nothing can stop it. It is just the nature. It is natural evolvement. It had to happen,  just as the combustion engine took over for the horse carriage.

Why did you join this space? What does this technology mean to you?

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  1. Workin2005

    Very inspiring words. I couldn’t agree more. Andreas Antonopoulos said it best, ”Comparing Bitcoin to traditional currencies is kind of like comparing a giant meteor to dinosaurs. It’s not really a competition — it’s just a matter of time”.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe in taking some profit off the board every so often…especially when investing in altcoins. That said, I’ll be holding onto the majority of my longterm positions for the foreseeable future. Thanks for a another great post…and for the shot in the arm. In this bear market, it’s a great reminder.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Thanks man 🙂 I understand that some might want to take some profits now and then for different reasons. I’m not doing that though. Just re arranging my investments now and then. Almost never trading either. I’m not a good trader..too emotional 🙂

      1. Workin2005

        I completely understand. Holding takes the emotion out of it. Personally, I’m addicted to trading. The profits I take are usually reinvested on the dips. Still, I do have a longterm hold portfolio I don’t touch. Anyway…keep up the great work. Always look forward to your posts. 😉

  2. Cryptoslice

    Nice insight to your crypto adventure . i agree people should forget about the moons and lambos for now good thing come to thoes who wait ;). I first got in after 3 years of trying haha. Stupid exchange wouldnt except my id. I should of paid 400 dollars for bitcoin but because of them /me being abit lazy i paid 4000 :s. Still in the green so cant conplain i guess.

  3. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Nice read!
    Most people think “FREEDOM” means getting whatever you want. But in fact its the opposite, as long as one “wants” they will be a SLAVE to that desire, and its through our Personal Desires that others can enslave us.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Thats very true my friend. Blockchain is our generations shot at protecting it. I feel that i finally am part of something important and greater than myself. Humans need that or we drift off into relativism and deprivation

  4. Zeus69

    What a fantastic article, from your crypto birth to where you are now, some bad experiences to now, really understanding what crypto and block chains are all about, thank you I agree with workin2005 very inspiring write.
    I will learn from the best and you are someone I certainly will follow until one day when I get to the same level that you are now.
    Thank you and Regards,
    Mark (Zeus69)

  5. Movingman Dan

    “To have freedom is not something most people really want. It is just a word people love to throw around. REAL freedom comes with a cost. ”

    Im also very exited like yourself to see transparent free markets! And I think everyday how blockchain will change how all is working now… Like Vipps, hardly working for magerzine sales and so slow to load etc.. Hope to have a QR Code and linked straight to a wallet… Dam imagine that!
    Loved the read, have a great day mate!!

  6. Adil Elias

    What an amazing post, that must’ve really come from the heart. Somehow many things you wrote resonated with me, but the eye opening moment came with the analogy of land ownership and smart contracts in games… This is fascinating, and what better way to facilitate adoption than to normalize it in everyday games and make it an entreating part of life such as gaming.

    The awesome part is that the opening of this post with you growing up with video games now comes full circle. 🙂

    Amazing work.