Many people are interested in knowing how many tokens they will receive in our December 11th airdrop!

In total we will be giving away 10M TRYBE tokens, and this will be divided up between all token holders based on how many tokens they currently hold.

The total tokens you hold will include: your token balance (on-site), your EOS account TRYBE token balance, and your pre-sale token balance. 

It is currently estimated that there are approximately 20 million TRYBE tokens in circulation if you don’t include those in the official Trybe accounts or the founders accounts (we won’t be dropping to these accounts). This means, as of today, you would receive approximately 0.5 tokens for every 1 token that you hold! Essentially, this would make your current holding 50% BIGGER!!

Now, of course we expect that more pre-sale tokens will be sold before the 11th of December, and more tokens will have been earned on our site, but we are estimating that at the very least you should receive an extra 20-40% TRYBE tokens during the next airdrop! 

This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to earn additional tokens, and one that won’t be repeated again (this will be our biggest airdrop). So, make the most of it now by either earning more tokens on our site, buying more tokens on exchanges, or purchasing more tokens from our pre-sale!

Visit to purchase more tokens RIGHT NOW!


We will not be dropping the tokens to your EOS account automatically on the 11th of December. You will need to visit our new wallet and claim your tokens from there on or after the 11th of December. Tokens that have not been claimed by the end of December will no longer be available for claiming, and will go towards a later airdrop.


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