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Hello everyone!

As I wrote in my first blog “Young boy mistakes with Crypto” first of all I have to choose a coin. When I start selecting coins first of all that was the most important thing, it has to be Shitcoin.


The answer is very simple, if one coin is 0,00000016 Satoshi but in the past it was not just once more then 0,00000160 (minimum 10x higher price) then probably its not a dead coin. So on that time I chose this 4coin NXT,GRC,RDD,XVM. I don’t say now these coins can be good or not I don’t know yet. I didn’t check chart in the last 5month (later I will explain)


RDD was always simpatico for me, but of course its not enough. So I checked on TradingView, I put RSI/MACD/STOC and with simple lines I tried to check what can be that zone where always going back as I saw it has got more than once higher price in the past (more than 10 times). After I had the target where always going back somehow I had to try get the launching point. Because every second question is WHEN will be there?

This is the difficult part so I tried to get the smallest starting timeline (maximum 1month). I used RSI/MACD/STOC to figure it and I had around 2 week closeness.


One of my friend give me this to check how is it working. I spend minimum 1month with this, almost every day try to figure what can be the best. After a lot of fail and problem I had 2 exact time when the launch can start (it has just 7day between the 2 launching day). The price was around 633 Satoshi on that time and my minimum target was around 6500-6800 Satoshi (know I know the last price was 12704). And just because the happy ending 7. day was the launching (so the 2. launching day).


I want to write here “Actually I don’t know why this was my favourite, why I put all of my money in this coin”, but when I typed it I realized… I was too greedy, this coin had the earliest launch… 2week earlier then every else. With this I never was 100% sure when will go higher just I know that, it will because it has to /Sounds weird hah.. it has to/. After the first 2week I still waited for the growing and then it start growing my target was between 2800-3300 but after all the highest was just 1400 Satoshi. I am still in because I stacked in and I really don’t know how much, but minimum 10times lower my portfolio because of this.


This coin was the last, because probably most of you know that John McAfee hyped this coin. I spend with this just 1 or 2 day and it looks good. I didn’t know when will the hype starting so I just skipped it. This is the only one reason why I chose this coin because some “big fish” give a big hype for this coin.

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    1. kisvex Post author

      @cryptosdecrypted I know it’s much easier and give more profit but if you read my other posts you will understand why I hurried on that time. Now I investing for long time, I will write about it later.
      @adiza I think you don’t have right, now it’s perfect time for investment because the price is not overrated. The price will go lower? Perhaps, but if you just waiting for the smallest price you would miss the rocket, because when it will going up again price will be too high. But I will write about this as well just I need more time.
      @attismith thank you for your positive comments