In school curriculum you will often find courses like CHEMISTRY 101, CALCULUS 201, MATHEMATICS 432, and many others but you will never find courses like INVESTMENT 201, WEALTH 101, FINANCIAL FREEDOM 432, FINANCIAL LITERACY 101, TRADING 101. Does this means that school teaches people to be poor? This is food for thought for you.


Growing up as kids, we were made to understand that education is the key to success we were thought to take our grades seriously as they were huge determining factor on how successful we will be in future.

Education for many people has been the key to success until they acquire that key only to discover that the padlock has been changed.

I wrote this article to make us understand how education system teaches people to be poor.


Schools were meant to prepare people for real world encounter and that real world encounter is spontaneously changing everyday but the school system has remain the same for hundreds of years. So tell me how can something that has remain stagnant teaches you to cope with the ever changing life experience? Change is the only constant thing in life but i’m afraid that is a fallacy when it comes to education system.

School system was designed for the industrial age, the system of school was created in order to develop people to work for industries in order words, School was designed to create workers for industries.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting educated and learning new skills but the mentality and beliefs which people develop from being educated Is the problem. People are made to believe that in order to be successful you must be a part of good company/industry, work and produce for them.

At young age, we were conditioned to go to college no matter the price. College is a little exorbitant but due to the way we are conditioned, my must pay for it. The government are even willing to give you loan to pay for college. After a couple of years, you must have gotten your degree and decide to settle down, the government are still willing to give you loan to buy a house and even buy yourself a nice car. At this point you enter a circle which you can’t leave your job because you are trapped paying debt. This is what I call the red race.

With my article, I’m not saying being educated is bad, education is indeed essential to being successful in life, my major points are

1. EDUCATION SYSTEM IS QUITE EXPENSIVE: education is expensive such that people get trapped for years just to pay for school debt.

2. OUR PRODUCTION MINDSET: education system teaches us to learn skills in order to become producers to someone else and we spend most of our lives learning to be such producers. But if you ever sit back, you will notice that the wealthiest people in the world like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, mark Zuckerberg and others do not have the production mindset which education system teaches rather, they have a creative mindset.

Educations system uses one size fits all approach without allowing or encouraging students to use their own unique creative mindset “thereby judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree”. So its up to you as an educated person to use your own creative mindset.

Steve Jobs once said “everything around you was built by someone not smarter than you”.

Weather the school system is effective or not, the solution lies within ourselves.

Ask yourself these couple of questions:

• Are you a producer or a creator?

• Are you willing to self-educate or just willing to follow the crowd?

So in conclusion, education system is essential but not the key to success. I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave you opinions in the comment section.

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  1. Zeus69

    Yeah great post, i agree with Luke. School really helped im self taught in a sense, everything I learnt thus far was from pure hard work and from other experienced people after school. They teach kids anything about how to buy your first house, or even how to approach a bank for whatever reason.
    Thanks for this bud, I will forward it on.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Luke Phoenix

    Nice post! I’m not a fan of the educational system much either. I hated high school. I especially agree the system is no magical key. Passion and frame of mind are much more important. I love education though, be it unschooling or expert professors.

  3. Workin2005

    I couldn’t agree more. I live in the U.S and our public education system has been broken for some time. We spend more per student than any country in the world, yet have very little to show for it. Politicians keep throwing more money that goes to corrupt unions (not all unions are corrupt, but too many are), worthless projects and keeping poor teachers employed. We need a more merit based education system with regards to our teachers. We should be able to reward good teachers, while firing the bad. I also agree that people need to be willing to self educate and question the system and those responsible for teaching. Anyway…excellent post my friend.