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There has been some confusion amongst users, so myself and a few others on the Trybe team thought it was time for a How To Article.

Let’s Begin.

This is the first screen you will see (please excuse the white on white). You will click the button highlighted above  to open up a few options.

This is what it will look like when first opened. You need to scroll down the page to get to the featured image option.

You will then see this and click the highlighted featured image part in red. Specifically the text that says “Set Featured Image”.

This will prompt you to select the photo you want to use. After that hit “Open”. It will then upload that image as the featured image and you can go back to editing your article or submitting it for a review!

I hope this has helped and if you have further questions you can comment below, contact myself or another from the Trybe team and we are on Telegram answering questions daily.

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  1. Siddartha

    The featured image add option should be right near to title. One has to scroll a lot down to see the feature image add option. When I was writing my first article, it took me a long while to figure that out!!

  2. Fred Blauer

    It wierd, but I don’t see anything to the right of preview – just a blank space. If I click on the blank space I get the list of categories but its very confusing. Am I the only one with this problem? (I am using a laptop) Can we post screenshots here?