This tutorial is warranted because there are some points of confusion when trying to Airgrab these EOS Ecosystem tokens!

Let’s get started and learn how!

  1.  You will need to have Scatter Chrome Extension installed.  You can get that here: .  If you have any trouble doing this, leave a comment below and I will help you out and respond
  2. Now you need to Add the Keys and Identity of the Account/s that you want to interact with on the EOS Blockchain using the Scatter Chrome Extension.
  3. First, click on the Scatter icon that you see to the right of the Chrome address bar.  Then click “Create New Scatter” and enter a password for your Scatter login.
  4. Once logged into Scatter Chrome Extension, click on “Key Pairs” and select “New”.  Go ahead and enter your EOS Private Key of the account that you want to use to Airgrab tokens.  FYI RIDL and POOR tokens give you 1 token for each 1 EOS that you hold in this account.  And the number of Trybe tokens that you receive is equal to how many tokens you have accumulated at by logging in on consecutive days, posting articles, referring friends etc…When Trybe does the Airdrop you will get that number of tokens accumulated PLUS 50 tokens for non members and 250 for Members.  I believe that you are a Member are long as you sign up / register a new Account on before the Airdrop date (this is being written on August 29th, 2018 so as of now you can still become a Member by creating an account at
  5. Ok, so once you have entered the correct Private Key, the EOS Public Key should populate.  Once that happens, click on “Save”
  6. Next! : You will now add an Identity.  Click on “Identities” on the Scatter Chrome Extension Main Window and click “New”.  Then click on “EOS Mainnet” and then click where it says “None” and select the Account that you just created in Step 5.  Then click “Import” and after that click on “Save” in the upper right hand corner!
  7. Ok, we are now ready so head over to
  8. Once there, on the left hand side click on: “Attach Account”.  As long as you are still logged into the Scatter Chrome Extension, you should get a pop-up that allows you to select your Account and then click “Accept”.  Once you do this, give a few moments to connect your Account.  You should see the “x” marks next to “Read” “Write” and “Account” all become checkmarks over the next several seconds.  This is how you know that you are connected to the eostoolkit and you are ready to Airgrab!
  9. Next click on “Airgrab Tokens” on the left hand side bar.   Select the coin you want to Airgrab, either RIDL, POOR, or TRYBE.  When clicked, another pop-up should appear from Scatter that allows you to Accept the Airgrab action, so go ahead and click on the Account and then click “Accept”
  10. Once you do this, the way that you know that you have successfully completed the Airgrab is that ON THE PROGRESS BAR NEAR THE TOP, UNDER YOUR ACCOUNT NAME, YOU WILL SEE THE TOKEN NAME.  Now it may say that you have 0.0000 TRYBE, but the fact that you can see the TRYBE Token name there means that you have successfully allocated the RAM necessary so that you are READY for the coming Airdrop!
  11. Congrats!  You did it!  You successfully Airgrabbed TRYBE.  Go ahead and repeat for POOR and RIDL and let me know in the comments below if you run into any snags!  You may get an error message that says, “Internal Service Error” and if this happens it is likely that you already Airgrabbed the tokens previously and forgot about it!  Remember, as long as you see the name of the token in the progress bar under the account name on, you have successfully completed the Airgrab and should be awaiting your tokens!
  12. Pay this forward!  Help someone in the EOS community figure something out that you already know how to do, whether it’s in a Telegram channel, on Crypto Twitter, or on Trybe.One!  Let’s all make EOS Awesome and Do Well by Doing Good for each other.
  13. Word!  and GO EOS!!!
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    1. Red Armanino Post author

      Hi Dimi,

      Unfortunately, you do have to enter your Private Key (the one from the Genesis snapshot) if you want to get the 1:1 RIDL tokens the 1:1 POOR tokens. You could Airgrab just the Trybe tokens however using a new EOS Account that you create that has a different private key and still get those TRYBE tokens without exposing the private key from your Genesis Snapshot Account.

      Some people believe that using Scatter Desktop will be SAFER than using the Scatter Chrome Extension, so you may be able to wait until Scatter Desktop supports Airgrabbing and only Airgrab the RIDL and POOR tokens after that time.

      I do believe that nsjames from Scatter is working on adding RIDL Airgrab support to Scatter Desktop, but you would still have to enter your Genesis Snapshot Account’s Private Keys into Scatter Desktop.

      So it’s up to you. The POOR and RIDL Airdrops/Airgrabs may not be worth that much in $ value (we’ll have to wait and see) so you may not want to take any such risks.

  1. Schoda

    ad 6. Next! : You will now add an Identity: Is an Identity the EOS account name or is it something different?

    Ad Scatter chrome: Is there an alternative to Airgrab TRIBE and RIDL to scatter chrome? Could this be done e.g with greymass?

    Thanks for clarification!