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  • How to Buy EOS with Steem via Poloniex Exchange & Send to EOS Wallet

Hello Tryber Friends, how are you today? Have a good health and a happy day with all of you. Keep the spirit of going through the day, exercising, working to earn sustenance and all other activities. As this information there is a translation of this Original article which is my own article. The purpose of translating articles into English to make it easier for general users to understand how to exchange steem to buy eos. let’s learn!

On this occasion I made a tutorial again, this is the # 3 tutorial that I created with the theme of how to buy EOS coins with Steem via the Poloniex Exchange. The reason I chose the Poloniex Exchange  was because Poloniex was a very popular, trusted and safe place for large crypto exchanges, and it made me highly recommend to be a medium of exchange to buy EOS because Poloniex did not charge a fee for withdrawal / withdrawal of EOS, isn’t it convenient?

Oh my best friend, in this tutorial I did not explain how to register for a Poloniex account, for a Friend who does not have a Poloniex account, you can search for the tutorial and learn how to register on Google. It’s easy!

1. Sending Steem to the Poloniex Exchange

steemit : how to send steem to poloniex

All right, here are the steps that must be done by Friend to send steem to steemit to the Poloniex Exchange:

  1. Log in to your friend’s steemit account and make sure there is steem in the steemit account wallet to send to Poloniex
  2. Visit the Poloniex website > Poloniex account login> click the Balances menu> then select Deposit and Withdrawals or can visit this link:
  3. On the Balances menu a list of various coins appears in alphabetical order, EOS coins are in the 17th row and can also search in the search column, then click Deposit to view the EOS memo, copy the memo.
  4. Return to the steemit account> click the wallet and select transfer> enter the transfer destination to @poloniex> fill in the amount of steem that will be sent to the Poloniex exchange> now in the paste memo copy of the EOS memo> and send.
poloniex : how to copy steem memo

Up to now, do you understand, friend? I included a gif image, please see the step by step. Furthermore, Steem is already in charge of the Poloniex account. Well, before buying EOS, the steem we have must be sold, the process of selling steem transactions is called trading.

2. Trading: How to sell Steem and buy EOS

poloniex : how to sell Steem and buy EOS

In order to facilitate the Friends, I will explain the steps and the trading process on the Poloniex Market, as follows:

  1. Open the Exchange menu, in the search Filter column (ctrl + F) type steem, search automatically, so steem immediately appears, then click and exit market steem or can click on this link:
  2. The next stage under the Steem graph is a menu for selling and buying steem, because we want to sell then we have to choose “sell steem” to fill the selling price based on the last price so that they sell faster, fill in the amount of steem to sell then click sell. Wait a while until steem is sold.
  3. If steem has been sold it will become BTC. the next step is to buy EOS. The stage of looking for the EOS market is the same as the first step which is to type EOS in the search column or you can click this link:
  4. EOS’s trading process is the same as when selling steem, but the difference is now that we buy, so under the EOS chart select the buy menu. Fill in the Price with the last price, in the Total section fill in the amount of BTC that we have, automatically the amount will be calculated showing the amount of EOS for the BTC coin that we have.
  5. The last step is to click buy and wait until the EOS purchase process is complete. When EOS is successfully purchased, it will appear in the Balances.
How do Friends understand how to sell Steem and buy EOS? Easy enough right? Maybe for friends who have never tried it, they will be confused. So, my advice is to immediately practice and follow the instructions. If the friend has tried, he will be able and accustomed to trading.


3. Withdrawal / send or send EOS to the EOS Wallet

poloniex :  how to eos withdrawal

Well, at this stage it was the main reason I used the Poloniex Exchange, how nice it was to send EOS coins to the wallet without being charged a withdrawal fee. Really the Exchanges are ready, even though other exchanges set a minimum fee of 0.1 EOS and there is also an Exchange, it is necessary to reach the EOS account deeply to pay 0.7 EOS fee, but I will not mention the Exchange’s name.

Okey, here is how to send EOS to the EOS Account Wallet, the steps include:

  1. Open the Balances menu or you can via this link
  2. On the Balances menu a list of various coins appears in alphabetical order, EOS coins are in the 17th row, you can also search in the search column, which will automatically exit the EOS coin, then click Withdraw.
  3. Exit the Withdraw display, in the Address section with your EOS account name, then the Memo section can be left blank, the Amount section fills in the EOS number to be sent. The transaction is zero, friend? Cihuyyy. And click the withdraw button.
  4. The next stage Friends must confirm the withdrawal by opening the email associated with your poloniex account.
  5. Open the confirmation e-mail from Poloniex, click the confirmation link and check first that everything is in line, if yes, please click Yes, Send Funds
  6. Congratulations on Confirming Withdraw successfully, wait a few moments EOS will enter the EOS Friend Wallet.

Thus this tutorial, may be useful for all Tryber Friends. If there are things you want to ask, please leave a message in the comment column. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Regards @rauzaljm

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  1. James Diegel

    Nice job Rauzal!! I wish something like Trybe was around when I first got into Crypto – because I’m sure this simplify the process for those new to the game and be of great benefit to their ease into the market. It’s cool that your doing your part to educate those with Steem tokens on how to get into EOS and crypto in general (and in multiple languages to boot!! 🙂