On this occasion I would like to share a brief tutorial on how to make a BOS Token Claim using the Meet.One App. The first thing to do is download the meet.one app through the Google Play Store or App Store. Users can also visit meet.one official website to get the Meet.One App.

Please access meet.one app, and then tap on the “Me” menu as seen in the picture below:

After the “Me” menu has been successfully accessed, some settings options will appear. Then please tap on the “Chain Selection” menu.

Next will be seen two options namely “EOS Minet” and “BOS”. Please select “BOS” as shown in the image below. When the user makes this switch, the Meet.One app will also automatically run on the selected chain so that the assets stored on the EOS Minet are not visible.

Next, you will see a menu that gives users several choices to enter the BOS network. For those who already have an EOS account, there is no need to be confused because it is enough to do an Import Wallet by using EOS private key. Sealain can also be done automatically by selecting the “Fast Import” option

In this tutorial I chose to use the “Fast Import” menu because by using this menu the import process is faster without having to enter the EOS private key manually, as needed when choosing to use the “Import Wallet” menu.

Then a display will appear to confirm as shown in the following picture. Meet.One app will display the name of the account used in the BOS chain.

After the import process has been successfully carried out, the BOS Tokens will automatically be obtained. Consider the following picture.

Next, I will show a step by step video to claim BOS tokens through the Meet.One App.


For fellow users who want to check the amount of BOS tokens to be obtained, users can use BOS Snapshot tools by accessing the address: https://bos.bloks.io/snapshot

Please enter the account name in the snapshot column provided and then press the search button. Next will be displayed the number of BOS Tokens that can be claimed and the Public Key.

Thus this short tutorial, hopefully can provide benefits for those who need it.

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  1. Cryptotexty

    Thanks, interesting material. I claimed BOS using Scatter, and then I bought a bit more of BOSCore, now I’m using actively MyEOSWallet, made by AtticLab, they recently had a BOSCore accounts giveaway, so I created acc with name “cryptotexty1” as previous had not user-friendly name)