How to Claim EOP airdrop with Exodus Wallet

Hi guys – and welcome (as this is my first post). But enough about that, let’s cut to the chase.

Here is their website: And they say to claim the drop you need to send 0 ETH to their contract address (0xb562ec0261a9cb550a5fbcb46030088f1d6a53cf) but I am on Exodus and was having problems – as the “send” button is disabled with a zero balance by default!

However, after a bit of trial and error, I figured out how to send 0 ETH via Exodus wallet – and this is how you can do it:

1. Open your Exodus wallet, go to your ethereum sub-wallet select the “Send” option.

2. Paste in the address ( the “send” button will still be disabled )

3. The amount defaults to 0.00 in Exodus but if you add another zero to it to make it 0.000 this actually “enables” the send button – so you can now send 0 ETH.

When I did it, the gas price for me was equivalent to 3 cents (although this can vary a little bit depending on network congestion).

Once you send your 0 ETH you receive the drop immediately – all you need to do is check your EOS token/ETH address at and you will see your newly dropped EOP tokens in your token list.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Brandon Holsey

    Thanks for this walkthrough, I just received my EOP using your method here.
    Sent 0.000 ETH via Exodus and adding the extra zero did allow the send. I instantly received EOP (upon check). The gas fee for me just a few minutes ago was 0.000259524 / ~.12¢ (USD) but it has been a brutal day in cryptoland so I understand

    Thanks for sharing, I would have missed out on the drop.

  2. James Diegel

    Thanks so much for posting this here. It was really easy to follow and a useful piece of information for not just this airdrop but potentially others as well 😉