If you are signed up for EOS Authority Account Alert service via telegram then you should’ve gotten an alert stating the ZKS airdrop is ready to claim. Some users have reported getting the airdrop automatically, however if you have not received it, you can claim it by following steps below.
Keep in mind that you only have until November 21, 2018 to claim the ZKS airdrop.

What does ZKS token have to offer?

The ZKS tokens are redeemed for CPU and Network resources on the EOS Mainnet through a smart-contract. ZKS tokens have been designed to be a very simple utility token, that will provide CPU and NET resources. Currently, one ZKS token provides 0.9 CPU and 0.1 NET for 3 Hours. You have the option of sending the ZKS token to any EOS account. They even integrated a helpful tool on their website that would allow you to do that. This token is most beneficial to those who constantly exhaust their CPU and NET resources and have to wait for it to reload. Wait no more, ZKS is the solution. I encourage you to visit their site to learn more about the project.  https://zks.one/

Now let’s move on how to claim the tokens, please follow steps below.

EOS account linked to Scatter

Step 1:

Go to ZKS’s website https://zks.one/
Link you scatter account

Step 2:

Click Claim, each account will receive 31 ZKS tokens.

Step 3:

Go to https://eosflare.io/ and lookup your account to confirm that you have received the ZKS tokens.

You can also claim ZKS token airdrop in other ways such as through EOS Toolkit. Once you have your EOS account attached, scroll down past the Airgrab token and you will see a red claim button.

Good Luck and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Jesus Ciria

    OnNov 1st I received the ZKS tokens on all my EOS accounts .I dont remember if I requested the Airgrab on eostoolkit.io or did it happen automatically. Yesterday I claimed the tokens on zks.one because when I logged with scatter it said your unclaimed balance is 31zks. Will I be receiving another 31 zks tokens before or after nov.21st ?