is one of the mobile version of eos applications that is very easy to use for every user. Almost all activities on the Blockchain eos can be done through app.

In this article I will share about how to connect eos accounts to Trybe.One through the Meet.One app. The method that I will show on this article is very simple, but some users may not know it or have missed it. Hopefully this tutorial is useful especially for Trybe users.

The first step is to access app on the smartphone. Next, please select the Discovery menu at the bottom of the app.

Image Source : Meet.One App

Through the Discovery menu you will find several EOS tools needed by users.  Next, please search for the Tool with the Trybe label.  This menu has a function to access Trybe’s wallet and Trybe.One main page. So by using Trybe Menu, a Trybe user can purchase pre-sale Tokens, stake / unstake Token activities and access Trybe.One’s main page just like using a browser.

Image Source : Meet.One App

Then in the upper left corner there is a button with the MENU label. Please click this button and then select the HOME option. The HOME menu function is to display the Trybe.One main page as shown in the following image. In this section you must login using the Trybe.One username and password that you have.

Image Source : Meet.One App

The next step, please tap on the profile menu to display several options as available on the Trybe.One website Please select the EDIT option, then a page will automatically appear to set up or connect your eos account to Trybe.One.

Image Source : Meet.One App

The next user can do a tap on the button LOGIN WITH SCATTER. If the button is accessed then it automatically account you use on eos Meet One app will connect to the Trybe. One

Image Source : Meet.One App

After the EOS account is connected to Trybe.One don’t forget to save. Look at the picture below. Up to here the process of linking your account to eos Trybe. One has been completed.

Image Source : Meet.One App

To make understanding easier, I will display a video tutorial related to the steps I mentioned above.

This short tutorial so hopefully can be usefull to the users who need it.

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  1. Brandon Holsey

    This is just what I needed. And presented with care – love it! The animations and a video = fool-proof. I’ve been meaning to check out the Meet.One app, the iOS version is out now so I have no excuses left
    Mashing recommend button and bookmarking to shame myselif I forget. Very nice work