It’s very simple, just needs two steps:

Step 1: Get the metamask extension:


Step 2: Go to to complete the convert

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What is the function of BNT token?

$BNT — Bancor Network Token — is the hub token that connects all tokens in the Bancor Network, allowing them to be easily convertible to each other across multiple blockchains.   [email protected]

Project Introduction

Bancor is the world’s largest decentralized liquidity network. Bancor Protocol aims to provide continuous liquidity for crypto tokens through their smart contracts. Bancor leverages the capabilities of smart contracts to build liquidity directly into tokens themselves. Such tokens are called Smart Tokens. Each Smart Token has one or more connectors that link the smart token to other tokens in the network. These connectors hold a balance of another token, thus establishing a relationship between the Smart Token and the tokens held by its connectors, or its connected tokens. The price of Smart Token is determined by the Bancor Formula. Bancor Protocol adopts human-machine(smart contract)trading, allowing users to trade with no counterparties and without having to trade with exchanges, avoiding a series of problems caused by centralized exchanges. Besides, most small-scale and new cryptocurrencies are generally used by a small number of people and face liquidity problems. According to the Bancor algorithm, small-scale tokens can use mainstream tokens as their reserve tokens, so that the trading order can be processed in time through the built-in smart contract, and the transaction price is determined by the Formula. By this way, the token can achieve liquidity without trading on the exchanges.

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