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In this post I’m going to take you on a tour of HOW to write and get your article published on TRYBE.

Trybe is not Facebook, reddit or Twitter. We are aiming to, and is on good way to become the go to place for quality articles.

  1.  Provide some unique perspective/information in your post.
  2. Try to stay over 300 words, unless you are great at getting your point across with less
  3. ALWAYS add a featured image
  4. It now COST 50 TRYBE tokens to get reviewed, so if you post low quality spam you will LOSE 50 tokens.
  5. Always use quotas when you quote someone plus a link to the original content.
  6. At this point ONLY tech/business/crypto/gaming-related articles are eligible for tokenised rewards.
  7. No ALL caps titles, and for the love of Dan Larimer, don’t write the entire article in the title either.
  8. If you are a video content creator, contact us on Telegram or Discord and verify. You will not have to write 300 words if your content is in video format. A short explanation of what the video is about should be enough.
  9. If you are doing a translation you must have permission from the author and rewrite the post in your own words.
  10. Have fun, Be creative, contribute to the learning economy.

This is how you write an article

 Log in to the site and press  – Write a story


You are then greeted with this message/warning

Now you can write your article.

When you are done, make sure you add categories and a featured image. The featured image should be a different image than the ones you use in the article. This image will be the header image.

Press the black image folder and add your categories + featured image

If you want to DELETE your article, press the delete button located on the bottom under the categories and featured image. Use this button with caution. It does NOT delete the image, but it trashes the entire article.



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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    The Trybe development team might consider making links stand out in a different color. I cited my work in the post but noticed the links weren’t distinguished from the rest of the text.

    A writers guide would also be nice so the contributors have some guidance on content and the features of your text editor. It would make contributions more attractive and professionally composed as well as reducing the number of questions the Trybe team has to field for the contributors to the site.

    Content makes the piece worth reading, but format bring the eyes to the piece. It also helps the author emphasize points and make the piece guide the reader to the important points.

  2. Zeus69

    Thanks @EOSmastering, Just read the new rules now oops, well I have posted and now awaiting the approval, I don’t mind paying the more than fair 50 tokens. I do have a different way of looking at getting my point across, so I wrote a poem this time and hope it does get approved and published, it is totally crypto based, and I personally think a little humorous but positively creative, here’s wishing me luck in getting published.
    Thanks for the great article about the rules. – 5 stars.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  3. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks for the update @eosmastering. Having a stake in your post is an inspired idea. Perhaps ye could even establish an ascending post fee 50 for 1st, 100 for second etc. within a set period of time, perhaps 5 days?

    Just wondering if it is ok to use the same header image each time (but different in the post) – I like to have a ‘brand’ folks can spot easily.

  4. Conceptskip

    Hi, good content. What about Post Edits? I see those need to pay 50 trybe too. Will published articles under review still be invisible? Will they get a new date, so that they also pop up with newly published articles, once reviewed?

  5. bleujay

    Thank you for posting this information regarding the perimeters of posting. However, if one is an artist…..featuring artwork and perhaps a bit about it… seems three hundred words would distract from the work. Is Trybe a venue for artwork…..whether it be a painting or a photograph? Thank you for your time. Cheers?

  6. Marcel van den Bos

    I tried to post an article as I always want to try out all the possibilities of a website when I start using it. It didn’t make it through the review and I now understand why (it was just a short meaningless statement and not really an article).

    When I have the time I will try to write a decent article. Hope that will be soon!