There is currently a promo going on for BetDice until 23:59-UTC 7-Nov where you can receive free DICE. Here’s a detailed write-up to help with this process.

Step 1: Decide which option you want to select. You can only choose one. Once one option is claimed, you will not be able to claim any others.

Option 1: 1 to 4.9 EOS wager — -20 DICE

Option 2: 5 to 9.9 EOS wager — — 100 DICE

Option 3: 10 to 49.9 EOS wager — — 300 DICE

Option 4: 50 to 99.9 EOS wager — — 1500 DICE

Option 5: 100+ EOS wager — — 3500 DICE

The EOS wager must be in a single bet. It’s not cumulative. So, to receive 3500 DICE, you will need to wager 100+ EOS in one roll. Odds do not matter (under 96 works!)

Step 2: Go to BetDice and roll the amount of EOS you have selected

Step 3: Go to and search your account name

Step 4: Find the transaction where you sent EOS to betdiceadmin. It should look like this:

Step 5: Click on the Sequence Number on the far left

Step 6: Copy the Transaction ID at the top of the page

Step 7: Join the BetDice Telegram Group —

Step 8: Send this message, including your transaction ID:

@BetDice_1_Bot Your Transaction ID

You will receive confirmation that you have been sent DICE corresponding with the option you have chosen. If you do not, please re-read steps 4–6 and make sure you are copying the correct transaction.

If this helped you, please consider playing using my referral link!

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