I want to introduce to you a community where everything goes on. The crypto space is gradually taking a new form. Pivot launched early this year and soon to be listed on exchange is gradually flying to the moon with it great number of users.

Pivot provides an avenue where you can gain bitcoin… Earn more bitcoin unimaginably. Don’t have a doubt.

In pivot you can predict with your bitcoin which you convert to PVTP and earn more PVTP which you’ll exchange to bitcoin. Everything happens on the page. All you have to do is make the right prediction and you’ll earn more btc.

Pivot also offers an avenue to be their ambassador. You know what comes with being an ambassador? Register and you’ll find out more.

In pivot you can read each post and earn read power. For each post you read, you earn a 100 read power. All the power acquired for that day will be converted after 24hrs and you will receive your share of the bonus pool (PVT). This PVT you’re given will be stored in your wallet. It’s advisable you acquire much PVT as possible as listing is soon.

You can also more PVT by inviting friends. For each friend you invite, you earn 10,000 read power and 10% off all his earnings.

Earning BTC will interest you, all you have to do today is sign up for PIVOT using your gmail. Predict and win, Invite and win. Either ways you’re winning. Taste the power of your analysis while earning bitcoin.


Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the app, the rest is quite easy. If you’re using an Android phone, visit the Google Play Store, search for PIVOT, then click download. If you’re using an Apple phone, visit the Apple Store, search for PIVOT, the click download. Once that is done, all you have to do is put in your gmail. Then you’ve signed up. Start earning your bitcoin today. Predict wisely and earn more. Predict carelessly and loose rampantly. Good luck.

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  1. Jake McCormick

    I’ve been using pivot for a little over a week, got about 500 PVT. Waiting for it to hit exchange now. Good shout to write a post about it.
    I just wrote an article about social Mining i think you might be interested in it’s on the EOS Network. Let me know what you think.