So, Trybe will be “dropping” tokens to us all who held EOS in a wallet with ownership of private keys on 30th August, based on the June 2nd genesis snapshot.

They will be dropping 50,000,000 tokens divided EVENLY amongst all EOS holders from the original snapshot (based on the information at airdropsforeos).

So what does this mean? This “evenly”?… Well, from the genesis snapshot there were around 164,000 addresses. If we divide 50million by 160,000 this equates to around 305 Trybe tokens each if they follow with their “even” distribution model. There is, however, a simple way in which you can accumulate 1,180 trybe tokens IN ADDITION to the drop.

In order to do this, you simply need to “register” with them and you are immediately awarded 100 tokens, thereafter each day you log in you will be awared with an additional 10 tokens. And this does not even account for tokens you can earn from posting articles and awarding articles with a star rating (where you can earn up to 5 tokens every day in addition to logging in). Or indeed, having your informative posts voted up.

So, we are today the 20th June and I simply did a rough estimate that there are 72 days until the 31st August (when they do their drop). 100 tokens for registering and thereafter 720 tokens for logging in each day. Add the 5 tokens available each day for voting up an article (360 if done each day until 31st August) and we have a grand total of 1,180 or thereabouts.

Two things come from this.

You will not only be accumulating a nice hoard of trybe tokens, but equally (and perhaps more importantly), you will be engaging on a platform that can be compared to the “steemit” of the EOS platform. Making it stronger and making it grow.

Hope this helps 🙂

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  1. globalgreg

    That’s a great incentive! And a timely post for me. I can see this becoming an important and valuable go-to dAPP for knowledge. I really do just want to get back in here to plan and organise a useful and worthwhile blog – but there’s just so many Airdrops right now and tasks to do for each, and researching BP’s and taking on the steep learning curve – it’s crazy!!! But I’m loving it. Only for a few more weeks – working for the Boss, eating and sleeping is so over-rated right now. I’m loving it! It’s posts like this that really help out. Thanks, mate!