EOS accounts are not free, and usually to create one a dollar or two is necessary. But there is this new Dapp on the block, called Murmur. It is a micro-blogging platform which at the moment runs an onboarding campaign, offering free EOS accounts to all those, who download the app – this offer will not last long, so hurry up. With the account, you will also get some Murmur tokens for a good start.

For more details check their official announcement on Medium, or just install the app from Google Play:


or Apple Store:


and follow instructions on the screen. The app generates a pair of keys on the spot – you will see both, owner and active key displayed on the screen after providing desired account name (has to be 12 characters long and the app will tell you if the name is available). Actual account is apparently created after some delay, so save them keys in a safe place and check the next day – they say it takes 24 hours to create an account.

Just tried it an hour ago so hopefully, my new account will be created by tomorrow. I expect that as the app generated keys, my application is going to be processed, but of course, I can not guarantee the result. This offer is limited to first 10.000 participants so first come, first served.

In my opinion, it is a perfect opportunity especially for those not very familiar with EOS to get their first EOS blockchain account. And extra murmurs too 🙂

Of course, you can log in to the app with your existing account – in such case, you will get more murmur’s because developers of the app would not have to pay for your EOS account creation.

As I already said, with free EOS account you are also going to get some MURMUR’s i.e. native tokens of this app. You will get more of them for interacting with other users, publishing content or getting your friends to sign up, as they also have a referral program.

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    1. Pibyk Post author

      It does work although when you want to publish something it takes some time. Probably because newly created EOS account is very low on RAM so I would advise to buy some extra.