EOS dApps usage has been gaining ground and we have seen more than 500,000 EOS accounts that are now activated. It is amazing to see how fast EOS is picking up and money being transacted is highest within the blockchain world. As it happened, Dice games were the first one to bring users in hoards. Some people are already calling EOS main-net being a gambling blockchain. It is not far from truth at this point, but we should not forget that gambling industry itself is $500 Billion worth. If EOS can disrupt this one industry alone, it will be worth way more than $4 Billion valuation it has today. And of course, as we know, EOS dApps are doing much more than gambling and it is a matter of time before they start bringing more economies on blockchain using EOS network.

Coming back to gambling dApps and Dice games, they have created an economic model where they share dividends to token holders and it has really helped bring loyalty to the game and users keep coming back to the site for collecting dividends as well as for staking coins. BetDice has been the most popular dApp in terms of user engagement and as you can see from the chart below, it has rewarded token holders very well (20x returns in less than 2 months in addition to regular dividends at a very high yield). Even though they were not first mover in Dice games, they showed the way on how to get more engagement and increased valuation of their token in innovative ways. While in early days, you could make up to 1000% yield by buying tokens and staking, it has come down since then. But even at a high token price, annualized returns are not bad and if they can maintain the pace, you can still earn 200% annualized returns. Question is – how long can you keep gamblers engaged for throwing a dice and waiting?

Dice gave 20x returns to early investors while also sharing dividends from house profits if staked

As we see progress of gambling apps, I believe that real casino games are going to bring much more engagement in long run as compared to simple Dice games. And we have already seen some implementations of games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Baccarat. POKER token has been giving great rewards to token holders as they were the first Blackjack game on EOS blockchain. But it has slowed down in recent days. They also had a lot of issues in early days with their UI. POKER token provides daily dividends to token holders which is a good reward for holding the tokens and staking with them.

But my favorite currently is MEV token which is Royal Vegas Online (earlier called My EOS Vegas and hence MEV). MEV started with video poker which is a pretty popular game in mainstream casinos and MEV’s main differentiation has been an amazing UI and great user experience. They also tried some innovative models of dividend distribution and repurchase programs for MEV token. Currently, MEV token is showing a yield of 30% weekly dividend (this week projection right now with more than 24 hour left), this translates into more than 1500% annualized returns if you buy the token at current market rate. And they have been down for maintenance multiple times this week. This shows the success of their game and amount of EOS being bet on video poker is growing continuously. In addition, they are ready to launch Blackjack and Baccarat as well. This will be a game changer as POKER token has already shown the potential of Blackjack and they have struggled with their UI and user retention. If MEV can repeat the performance of video poker user experience with Blackjack and Baccarat, I would not be surprised if they are able to generate more than 100 EOS worth of weekly returns with 10k MEV tokens. Which is going to be 100% weekly returns at current MEV token price. Of course, if that happens MEV token will be much higher (just like DICE chart above). So, it may be a great time to buy more MEV tokens while it is still cheap. With 1500% annualized returns this week and potential 5000% returns with more high quality games in pipeline, I think MEV token itself should see something similar to DICE token trajectory soon if not better.

*Please do not consider this as an investment advise. This article is speculatory in nature and I am not qualified to offer financial advice to anyone. Investments in these tokens comes with very high risk to your capital and you should make your decisions after understanding the risks.

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    1. Investing with a difference Post author

      That was conservative.1500% was assuming 30% weekly. Right now we are close to this week’s payout and estimate has gone up to almost 50% returns in a week. This yield will not stay as people are going to buy tokens. Already token price also has gone up 40% in a week. So, you can get all your capital back in one week. This is the opportunity here with just one game and more to come. Gambling is huge and it is 500 Billion industry with all the regulations. When you can do it from your bedroom, it can be trillions of dollars.