What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is where two or more leaders work together towards a common goal. It demands that both break away from a departmental focus to one that is shared. But both don’t just share the goal. they also share the risk and this is where collaboration can go wrong. If the project fails, collaboration can turn in to the ‘blame game’. So it’s crucial as leaders and managers and business owners to know how we can preserve the spirit of true collaboration.

Organizations have changed from the way they used to be. Some still keep their hierarchical ways and old structures while others have increasingly moved to different, more complex structures. This means that their leaders have had to develop new skills to achieve their goals. One of the most vital of these skills is the ability to collaborate strategically with others across the organization. Imagine a successful collaboration between Trybe, Whaleshares and Steemit just as there is between Trybe and Boid? Imagine the endless possibility and success stories that would generate? The advantages of collaboration far outweigh the disadvantages.

Making Collaboration Work

Make every conversation a win-win:  When you collaborate you have to harness both areas of expertise to create real benefits for all.

Get to know the other leader’s perspective: Understand how they view the common goal. Learn about their concerns and find out what their capabilities are.

Make sure that you are clear about the common goal: This is vital. Keep it as your common focus point.

Be flexible: There’s often a lot of blurring over who is responsible for what. Get comfortable with this and encourage a give and take mentality.

Both sides have to be equally committed: Make sure both teams share an equal and mutual feeling of respect for each other.

Have clear communication processes: There is no time for knowledge is power! You cannot afford for any information to be hidden or unclear. You have to share knowledge openly. Decision making and other processes should be agreed ahead of the collaboration.

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  1. Mbam ogbonna

    Clear communication seems to be the mother of it all.. Cos is connects all others aspects.. For others to work there must be a clear communication..

    I will keep coming around to check on your articles.