What Do You Know?

Bloggers love blogging. It is easy to write! Writers can create niche ebooks and sell them for $500 a month. First of all, if this is the first occasion you are writing a digital book, pick a subject you know. Everybody knows something about something. If you don’t feel you’re a specialist on a point, do your own research. You need to fall in love with the topic at least while doing the research.

The Amazon Kindle Store can help you identify your best topic find a niche with as little competition as possible. Target the niches who are willing to pay the big bucks! Experiment with the same book under a different name and cover and sell it for a cheaper price. If in one niche there is too much competition narrow it down further. For example, if you want to write a book about frisbees and dogs and there are already many, write one for teaching frisbee games to a particular breed. Ebooks can help you create a stream of passive income

Learn more about creating a passive income with eBooks.

Finding A Good Affiliate Program

The more professional the affiliate program you find the better. There are millions of affiliate programs and they can all promoted via ebooks.

Writing your eBook

Structure your eBook professionally balance the sales bitch with the info the reader wants. The more the reader reads, the more convinced he needs to become to buy your product. Learn more about better writing.

You can write it yourself or have someone write it for you, sites like Elance.com or Freelancer.com provide this service.

Your E-Book price

Provide it for free to as many people as possible until you have a few good reviews. Then set a competitive price according to other books in the niche. Experiment with the price and see where are your highest sales!

E-Book promotion

eBook promotion and eBook marketing  is easier when you have your own blog, WordPress is the best software to use for this. Bloggers might review your book for a free copy. Offline advertising is efficient if you can target a specific niche in one go such as a conference.

In Conclusion

  • Choose your content. What kind. What can you write about?
  • Write every day!
  • Choosing the platform to sell your book on.
  • Market the book
  • Lean back and enjoy the eBook passive income

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  1. Infosion

    It seems like you really have some experience on this. You pinned it down really nicely so that you can see it can be some work but if you do it the right way and stick to it probably very worth the effort. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!